Kurt Warner perfectly explains the problem with the Rams’ offense and Jared Goff

After scoring 30 points in three of their first five games, the Rams have only exceeded that mark once in their last nine games. The offensive has been neutral lately, only scoring 20 points most recently against a terrible Jets team.
Jared Goff has only eight touchdown passes and eight interceptions in his last seven games, having thrown 12 touchdown passes and only four interceptions in the first seven. This is an important reason for the Rams' offensive fighting. He's not alone, but every time a crime like LA's stalled, the quarterback will be at the forefront of that problem.
Kurt Warner perfectly explained what went wrong with the Rams offense during an appearance on the NFL Network, and pointed out their inability to succeed after the defense took away what they are trying to do.
"I'm only worried about this offense because they're really good at doing what they want," Warner said. "Again, this is not a news flash. Most teams are good when they do what they do best." When the Rams are playing football and action they are really good. Jared Goff is really good at such scenarios. If they have to fall back and throw back, if they have to spread it out and he has to fall back and read the defense and take a team apart, then that team is fighting and there is Jared Goff fighting. "
Sean McVay said Monday that he had no answer on why the Rams were so inconsistent and said that it is something they are obviously striving for. According to Warner, their inability to succeed and adapt outside of schedule are the main reasons for their problems on the offensive.
"That's why we're seeing this tremendous inconsistency with this team," he said. "Sometimes they come out and look like world bats because they can play in their scheme, and Jared Goff fits that scheme very well." But now when teams take that away you get really worried because you're telling yourself, "Well, you can, any team can beat the Rams, too."
"I worry because you need to get more strength out of your strength."
Assuming the Rams make the playoffs, which could happen with a win against Seattle on Sunday, they'll have to find new ways to be successful on offense. The teams have figured out how to slow down the rams on this side of the ball, and McVay has yet to devise a proper backup plan to counter the defenses.
If the Rams can't adapt, they'll be pulled out of the playoffs early.
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