Kyle Kuzma, Lakers agree to three-year, $40 million contract extension

The league was buzzing with the Lakers gauging the trading market for Kyle Kuzma to see what the young striker could bring them to repeat themselves as champions.
Instead, the Lakers decided to keep Kuzma - he has agreed to a three-year contract extension of $ 40 million with a player option for the final year. The story was broken by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and confirmed by the Lakers.
"It is particularly gratifying for our Lakers franchise to be designing, developing and now signing its own contract extension," Laker GM Rob Pelinka said in a statement. "Kyle has shown tremendous growth over the past three years and has played a pivotal role on the championship team last season."
This is a fair contract number for Kuzma. The only real surprise is that he took it (there were rumors that he was asking for a lot more). This is also a tradable contract in case the Lakers ultimately go in that direction (it is their most tradable asset).
However, you may want to keep him off the bench as a solid role-player. Kuzma averaged 12.8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game last season and played 25 minutes a night, mostly with the four. As a shooter, he doesn't stretch the ground, but his athleticism allows him to be a finisher in transition or to get to the edge halfway up. Kuzma is not lacking in self-confidence. If he's consistently making good decisions, Kuzma is a plus for the Lakers.
For a few more years, “Kuuuuzzzz” will be playing in the Staples Center ... as soon as the fans are back in the building.
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