Kylie Jenner gets called out for going to a club with friends instead of social distancing or attending Black Lives Matter protests

Kylie Jenner went clubbing during the pandemic in Los Angeles, California.
Kylie Jenner / Instagram
Kylie Jenner went clubbing in Los Angeles, California on Sunday evening, as can be seen in photos published by Daily Mail.
Counties in California are at various stages of reopening, but nightclubs remain closed.
The fans criticized Jenner for ignoring social detachment measures by going to the venue that the Daily Mail reported was opened exclusively for Jenner and her friend.
Some people called her behavior deaf and suggested that instead of celebrating, she should take part in protests against Black Lives Matter.
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Kylie Jenner receives a backlash for clubbing in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, although it has been ordered nationwide to close bars and wineries.
The 22-year-old founder of Kylie Cosmetics walked arm in arm with her boyfriend Fai Khadra in Bootsy Bellows, David Arquette's Vaudeville Club in West Hollywood, as seen in photos published by the Daily Mail.
The store reported that the club only opened its doors to Jenner and Khadra on Sunday, which seems to be true since Bootsy Bellows is closed to the public during the pandemic. Although they were not photographed with anyone else, it remains unclear whether they were the only two people at the venue or not.
Jenner and Khadra went out days before Los Angeles County announced its staggered reopening. As gyms, museums and hotels open their doors for vacation trips on Friday, attractions such as cinemas, bars and wineries as well as entertainment centers that are not absolutely essential remain closed.
Though she and Khadra may have been the only guests at Bootsy Bellows, people called the reality star, who had previously asked their followers to stay at home and maintain social distance, because they worked under different rules than the rest of California, who are not night clubs are not allowed to be visited.
Humayra likes
@ Hummie96
Is the lock in America over at all? Why do all these Youtubers and Tiktokers meet again? Why is Kylie Jenner going to the club again? I like how the rules only apply to certain people
5:17 p.m. - June 10, 2020
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@ LucyDingle1
The fact that Kylie Jenner happily violates the blocking rules ... to go to a party ... when she has a baby ... and millions of young followers who look up to her ... ahaaaa
10:45 p.m. - June 10, 2020
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Can't I really make sure Kylie Karcrash breaks the lock to go clubbing? With 1 other person? Which planet ...
7:57 p.m. - June 9, 2020
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Other people questioned the fact that Jenner was partying instead of protesting at Black Lives Matter's demonstrations to give an example of her 2-year-old daughter Stormi Webster, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott.
After George Floyd's death, Jenner posted a statement on Instagram saying, "I fear for my daughter and hope for a better future for her." Her beauty brand also revealed the percentage of black people in the company as part of a pull up for change challenge.
Although she expressed her support online and republished resources on her Instagram, fans said that her decision to ignore social distancing measures to engage in clubbing instead of taking part in protests made her previous efforts appear "performative".
Baby Hendrix
kylie jenner opening a club for her and her friends during a pandemic, but not protesting for her black daughter is first class "it doesn't concern me so sick to be performatively woken up" energy.
9:36 p.m. - June 9, 2020
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@ Mr_Bitch_Boy
This allows Kylie Jenner to break the LA curfew to go to a club, but people can't protest murder
5:36 p.m. - June 9, 2020
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Kylie Jenner gets opened a club for her and her friends in the middle of a pandemic, but doesn't go out and protests for her black daughter and the black members of her family ..........
4:47 PM - June 9, 2020
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Jenner was previously accused of ignoring social distance measures when she was photographed on the way to her boyfriend Stassie Karanikolaou in Los Angeles, despite the state ordering protection on site.
Soon after, she invited her friend to her newly purchased villa. Instead of hiding the fact that Karanikolaou was in her house, she posted pictures on Instagram and shared TikTok videos for her 180 million followers.
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