Kylie Jenner Looks Just Like Kris in Her New Makeup Campaign

If it's a day that ends on y, Kylie Jenner is likely sporting a new hairstyle. The reality TV star and beauty mogul seems to come up with a new look every few days, whether or not she called in one of her hairdressers to dye or chop her natural hair, or she decided to put on a wig. Wigs are a crucial part of Jenner's aesthetic, but her latest one makes her look very much like another member of her famous family.
On October 26th, Jenner took to her Instagram Stories to share some behind the scenes moments of the set shoot promo for her makeup brand's new leopard collection. One of the looks they've gone for is Jenner in a small, dark, brunette pixie, which makes her look a lot like her mom, Kris.
For the shoot, Jenner wore a dramatic cat's eye and a bare glossy lip. While her makeup is stunning, we stumble upon how much she looks like an exact copy of her mother in this wig. The only difference from her mother's typical haircut is that this device is a little longer on the sides if you want to "tell the difference".
This isn't the first time the 23-year-old has given us a Kris Jenner cosplay moment. In 2018, she wore a black elf wig to FaceTime, her mother, who was clearly quite amused. Of course, the incident was documented so that the youngest Jenner's millions of Instagram followers could also enjoy the moment.
The new collection from Kylie Cosmetics is now available at Unfortunately, it doesn't include that wig, but it has some really nice new makeup.
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