Kyrie Irving, reportedly: ‘There’s only 20 guys actually getting paid,’ system designed to divide us

Kyrie Irving made a video call from NBA players to discuss reservations about resuming the season. The Nets star said he doesn't support continuing in Disney World.
Jeff Goodman:
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Jeff Goodman

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Sources: It was a far reaching call with about 80 NBA players and multiple voices. Kyrie, CP3, Melo all vocals.

A quote from Kyrie: "Only 20 people are actually paid, and I'm part of it. Let's not pretend that there is no tiered system that is supposed to separate us all on purpose."
01:59 - June 13, 2020
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It really sounds like Irving has it backwards (though we don't necessarily get a fair context from the quote). The system was developed to unite players. Maximum wages limit the wages of superstars like Irving. Without the maximum, the difference between superstars and ordinary players would be even bigger. In basketball, top players have a disproportionate impact on winning and marketing. However, the structure of the league limits their wages below what they would receive in a more open market.
The 40th highest paid player earned $ 26 million (Spurs big LaMarcus Aldridge). The 80th highest paid player earned nearly $ 15 million (Hawks Center Clint Capela). The 160th highest-paid players earn $ 7 million (Wizards striker Davis Bertans and Bucks striker Ersan Ilyasova).
Even a player with the rookie minimum earns $ 898,310 for the season.
That is so much money!
I am glad that Irving recognized that he comes from a different perspective than many of his teammates. Irving made nearly $ 100 million with the Cavaliers and Celtics, and that was before he signed a maximum contract with the Nets last summer. Irving's salary this season: Almost $ 32 million, which is 18th in the league.
But he shouldn't lose sight of the fact that all NBA players make a lot of money on a reasonable scale. Even considering the salary cuts due to the NBA's reduced earnings, NBA players can make a lot of money if they continue the season. NBA careers are short and this is an opportunity to make money.
Racial justice is important, and I have no doubt that Irving will sincerely persecute her. He should also recognize how playing can increase black prosperity - especially for players who, unlike him, have not yet gotten rich.
Kyrie Irving, according to reports, "Only 20 people are actually paid," originally appeared on

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