Lady Gaga Just Wore a Star-Shaped Bikini and I Need It Immediately

Photo credit: Instagram
Good morning from Lady Gaga's swimming pool! The "talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, completely unique, absolutely never done before, without fear of referencing or not referencing, put in a blender, shit on it, throw up on it, eat it "Give it to the world," the pop icon just hopped on Instagram to post a video in which she casually climbs out of a pool in an orange star-shaped bikini and sets the mood. You are. flawless.
If your first thought was "wow, she looks great" and your second thought was an instant and vaguely panic-stricken "WHERE CAN I BUY THIS SWIMSUIT", you are not alone. Gaga's summery star-shaped top is Lali + Layla's Stella strap wrap bikini top in Cherrybomb, according to Pop Sugar, while she seems to be wearing Hazel bikini bottoms, also in Cherrybomb.
Unfortunately, it looks like Gaga's exact Hazel bottoms are out of stock, but the brand has a similar cut in Cherrybomb too, which is still available.
Kay, bye, while I, a person who doesn't live near a beach and have no access to a pool, tell my collection of other swimsuits that they are no longer relevant and have no more space in my or my life's closet.
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