Lana Condor says she feels like a 'completely different' version of herself after finishing the 'To All the Boys' franchise

Lana Condor spoke to Insider about her upcoming projects following the success of the Netflix franchise "To All the Boys". Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for the CDGA
Lana Condor spoke to Insider about taking on new roles after starring in the "To All the Boys" films.
The actress, who touts her partnership with Vera Bradley, now feels like a new person.
Condor said she learned a lot while starring in the franchise she will apply to her new projects.
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Lana Condor talks about how she's changed since she got her breakout role as Lara Jean Song Covey on Netflix's To All the Boys franchise and what lessons she brings with her when she embarks on new projects.
"I've definitely learned a lot from the whole 'To All the Boys' experience," Condor told Insider. "I really think that the Lana, before she did those three films with the Lana after, is just completely different."
"To All the Boys I've Loved Before" became a cultural phenomenon after its release in summer 2018 and brought Condor and her co-star Noah Centineo to a new level of notoriety. The coming-of-age film reinvigorated the rom-com genre for a new generation and resulted in two sequels released in 2020 and 2021.
Noah Centineo and Lana Condor play the leading roles in the film series "To All the Boys". Netflix; Katie Yu / Netflix
Condor said the biggest takeaway from their stormy experience in the franchise was "learning how to conserve my energy".
"I think 'To All the Boys' really taught me that because I think that in the past I've been someone who always gave it my all, like a 100%, and after that I'm exhausted." said the 24-year-old actress. "This is how I learned to manage my time better and to save my energy so that I can be constant."
Condor's first role after "TATB" is in an upcoming film for HBO Max called "Moonshot," which the actress described as a "rom-com space adventure."
"I think I learned so much from 'To All the Boys' that I can advertise there," she said.
Lana Condor in "To all guys: Always and forever". Netflix
When production begins in Atlanta, she is ready to "jump in" with her "talented" co-star, Cole Sprouse, who shot her several years earlier for WSJ magazine's Young Hollywood portfolio.
"We've had a friendship before, so it was really nice and he's a really great guy and a wonderful performer," said Condor. "I'm really excited to really play with him."
One of the things she's still getting used to is working with a whole new group of people after being on set with the "TATB" crew for about three years.
"I was at work the other day and I meet the crew and I meet our camera departments and so on, and I noticed that it hit me," recalls Condor.
Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, Madeleine Arthur and Ross Butler in "To All the Boys: Always and Forever". Katie Yu / Netflix
After "Moonshot", Condor will star in a comedy series for Netflix called "Boo, Bitch", which revolves around a high school student who wakes up one day and realizes that she is a ghost.
"It's basically that paranormal growing up television show about these two girls learning what it's like to go through a senior year full of paranormal moments," said the Deadly Class alum.
The series is also the first time she has worked on a project as an executive producer. Condor said producing requires different skills than acting, and she drew on previous producers she worked with until she found her "own groove".
As a producer, who can have a say in everything from casting to the authoring room, Condor learns to become more self-confident and to recognize that her voice "is important in a room when we speak creatively".
Lana Condor has two projects in the works: "Moonshot" for HBO Max and "Boo, Bitch" for Netflix. Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for the CDGA
In addition to acting and producing, Condor also brings her creativity to her very first fashion collaboration with Vera Bradley.
A longtime fan of the brand's classic printed bags, Condor was thrilled to partner with Vera Bradley to create an eco-friendly backpack made from recycled cotton. The recycled cotton collection includes lightweight tote bags, travel bags and more in patterns and solid colors (a first for the brand).
"All of the women in my family are huge users and fans of Vera Bradley, so it's been a part of my life for so long," said Condor. "When this partnership came about, I was just so excited and it didn't even occur to me that I would design my own backpack too."
Lana Condor poses with the Lana Utility Backpack, which she designed as part of her collaboration with Vera Bradley. Courtesy Vera Bradley
Inspired by the brand's signature patterns and the actor's love for the color pink, the Lana Utility Backpack includes pink stripes and a pastel pattern for the lining.
Given the pink design elements, Condor said she "can totally see it in the world of 'To All the Boys'", although Lara Jean would likely opt for a patterned sling rather than a solid black backpack.
For Condor, however, the spacious backpack is perfect for her essentials, from her iPad that she uses for work, to her SPF, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and disinfectant.
The self-proclaimed "Complete Mary Poppins" filled her backpack with almost all of her favorite pieces for the Moonshot set, but forgot the charger for her vlog camera that she used to document her life for her growing YouTube channel.
Until she gets her camera up and running again, fans will have to keep up with Condor's crammed life with her highly relatable Twitter thoughts and glamorous Instagram profile.
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