Large animal shelter donation was a present for Whoopi Goldberg

June 16 - POLKTON - Hollywood's Whoopi Goldberg came to Anson County 35 years ago to shoot The Color Purple and start her career as a superstar. Her time in the area is something friends say still has a special place in their heart as she shares fond memories of Anson.
One friend in particular was so touched by how much Goldberg talked about Anson County that he decided to donate to the Anson County Animal Shelter in honor of Goldberg's 65th birthday.
In the fall of 2020, Maureen Lett, director of the Anson County animal shelter, received a call. The man on the other line said he wanted to donate 65 items for his friend's birthday.
When Lett called back, the man on the other end told her that he was Bill Smith and was conducting a rescue.
Smith went on to have a friend of hiss celebrating her 65th birthday and she kept talking about Anson, how she loved it and the time she spent in the county.
"Since he worked in animal welfare, he googled to see if there was an animal shelter here in Anson County ... to see if he could help," said Lett.
Curiously, Lett Smith asked how he found the shelter and who his friend was who spent time in the county because Anson knows most of the people in the area.
He warned Lett not to tell anyone who it was because his friend's birthday was coming up in November and he didn't want the surprise to be ruined.
Lo and behold, his friend was Goldberg.
"For a long time I thought this man was going to pull my leg," said Lett. "I mean, honestly, how many people call a shelter and say they want to send us 65 of something and he doesn't give us a price."
Lett and Smith agreed to donate 65 bags of dog and cat food. Back then, the shelter needed more dog food, so he sent about 35 bags of dry food and 30 boxes of wet cat food to Anson.
In over three days, the back porch of the shelter was filled with Amazon boxes and boxes of animal feed.
Goldberg's birthday is November 13th. Lett decided to watch The View that day and of course they celebrated Goldberg's birthday.
Goldberg eventually received an Oscar nomination for best actress for her performance in "The Color Purple". She played Celie, who lived in an Anson County house in the film.
The generous donation from Smith has helped the shelter tremendously. Lett and the team at the shelter celebrated the end of 2020 with an euthanasia rate of 1.37%, the lowest rate Lett has seen since taking over as CEO. When she first took office as director, the euthanasia rate was 97%.
They are constantly working to have animals adopted and provide services to the community.
Every Monday they offer inexpensive castration and neutering in Cabarrus County to people in different counties. Four dogs and four cats can be neutered and neutered. You are already fully booked for the next few weeks.
Since the fall, the shelter has added new floors and an outdoor patio, as well as a new washer and dryer.
The Anson County Animal Shelter receives several donations, but receiving a donation to honor Goldberg and her fond memories of the county is something extraordinary.

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