Late night hosts gawk at the decidedly not-sober way Trump and Rudy Giuliani commemorated 9/11

"Saturday was of course the 20th anniversary of 9/11," Stephen Colbert said on the Late Show on Monday. “Presidents Clinton, Obama and Biden performed together at Ground Zero; George W. Bush spoke in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; and a former president color-coded a boxing match that didn't last a full round Jimmy Carter? It wasn't Carter. We'll never know who it was. "
"We also heard from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani," said Colbert. “Giuliani's speech focused on the essentials of the day: making fun of the way Queen Elizabeth reacted to his handling of the tragedy. ... If you want to see more of Rudy's Queen Elizabeth, you can see him in the upcoming Netflix series The Clown. "
"Rudy's long 9/11 speech made many speculate that he was 'drunk'," said Colbert. "Well, nice to know he's pulling out. Of course Rudy didn't acknowledge these allegations with a response - he acknowledged them with many," explains why he's not really an alcoholic, or maybe a "functional" one or something.
"Look, I'm not saying Rudy was drunk, but that's usually the case when Brooklyn boys try to imitate the Queen of England," Seth Meyers said on Late Night. "I think Rudy can add that tape to his role with impressions if he ever audits for America's Not Talent."
Again, "For the record, Rudy wants everyone to know that he is definitely not drunk," Meyers said, "and he let everyone know in a way that is very untypical of drunk guys - he gave a long, more elaborate series Answers in which he repeated himself and made no sense. "
"Oh man, only Rudy can spend 9/11 talking about the time he was hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein's alleged pedophile boyfriend," laughed Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. "You know your speech is off the rails when the people who see it say, 'I wish this guy talked more about 9/11.'"
And while all the other presidents were sober about the anniversary, "Donald Trump spent September 11th making live commentary for a boxing match," Noah said. "And you see, I don't judge Trump. I'm always happy when an unemployed person finds work, and I would definitely rather have him at a boxing match than hold a memorial service," but "what's his life like?"
Tooning Out the News had more of Giuliani's speech that she turned into a Nobel Prize-winning metaphor.
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