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Harry Meghan - AFP
The late Queen was concerned that Prince Harry was "perhaps a little too in love" with his wife Meghan in the early days of their marriage, it turns out.
Although Her Majesty has done everything to make the Duchess of Sussex feel welcome, she appears to have expressed some concerns about how some tensions within the royal household would impact her grandson following her arrival, a new bio reveals.
Gyles Brandreth, the broadcaster and a close confidant of the senior royals, has revealed how delighted the Queen was with Prince Harry's choice of wife and had high hopes for the contribution the American actress could make to public life.
However, when a number of staff left the Sussexes' service and allegations of bullying emerged, which have been disputed by the Duchess' legal team, the Queen voiced her concerns about the impact on her grandson.
Mr Brandreth, in an excerpt from his new book Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, published in The Mail on Sunday, writes: "The only concern the Queen left out in the early days of the Sussexes' marriage was asking a friend if Harry wasn't 'maybe a little over-in love'. So far, as far as I know, she ever got to utter a word against the new Duchess of Sussex.”
Suits - NBCUniversal
The broadcaster says in its book the Queen liked Meghan and "did everything to make her feel welcome" and even told the Duchess, who starred in US right-wing drama Suits, that she could continue her career, and said, "You can carry on being an actress if you will - it's your job, after all."
When the Duchess said she was giving up acting to pursue royal service, the Queen was "delighted", reports Mr Brandreth, only to be concerned when her offer to let Sophie Wessex "show her the ropes". , reportedly rejected.
However, the Queen appears to have been generally relaxed about some of the issues plaguing the Duke and Duchess' relationship with the broader institution of the monarchy.
Oprah- AFP
According to Brandreth, she once reminded Prince Andrew that his former wife Sarah Ferguson had previously given an interview on the same US talk show after her son "raked" over Meghan and Harry's full-length interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, the host.
And while the Duke of Edinburgh thought the Sussexes' interview was "madness", the Queen is said to have been more relaxed in the book, dismissing it - and the couple's forthcoming Netflix documentary - as "that TV nonsense".
Mr Brandreth also says that while other members of the royal family found the Sussexes' decision to name their daughter Lilibet - the Queen's childhood nickname - "confounding" and "quite pretentious", the Queen noted that it was "very pretty and just right". .
The book reveals that when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are mentioned to other members of the royal family, the response is a quick smile and a terse "we wish them well".
Mr Brandreth's close relationship with senior members of the royal family dates back to the 1970s when he met Prince Philip at a charity event and the couple hit it off quickly.
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