Laura Ingraham Shows She’s Either Oblivious To Trump's Racism — Or Is Gaslighting You

Fox News' Laura Ingraham complained Tuesday night that Democrats described President Donald Trump as racist "without evidence".
The conservative network's prime time personality seemed to forget that Trump has a long history of making racist statements and engaging in and adopting racist behavior.
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Ingraham has used her widespread show repeatedly to spread white nationalist topics of conversation.
"Now her next trick is to launch a desperate campaign to occupy President Trump as the bad guy who threatens us all," Ingraham said of Democrats.
"You don't like him as a person," she continued. "So you have to deny that he did anything good for America at all. And of course you have to call him" racist "with no evidence."
Ingraham later scolded the lack of praise Trump had received earlier that day for signing an executive ordinance to combat police brutality. Critics, however, said it lagged far behind what was needed to solve the problem.
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