Lawyers Are Sharing The Moment They Knew They Won The Case And It's Making My Heart Race

By now we've all heard that Legally Blonde-style courtroom moment when a witness or defendant incriminates himself or makes a slip that proves his guilt. Well, those moments — or similar situations where lawyers just knew they won — happen IRL. In fact, on Wednesday, Reddit user u/Weseleyalpha asked attorneys to share their stories.
Here are some cases where real lawyers knew they would win their case:
This fiery lie:
“Defendant in court for setting fire to squat. I questioned him about statements he made to witnesses that he was going to burn down the house. He claimed he was just 'singing the song, you know — burn down the house, burn down the house.'
I said, 'You mean the Talking Heads song?' He said: “Yes, this song; I remember because it had just come out!' He set the fire in 2015. I actually had to look up the correct citation for a recorded song for the appeal, which went just as well for the defendant as the trial. The Talking Heads, "Burning Down the House" (Sire Records, 1983!).
He lied about why he said he was going to 'burn down the house', that's evidence of intent to hide it."
This part judge:
"There was one juror who appeared to have been thoroughly annoyed with the other attorney throughout the trial. When the verdict came back, this juror recorded the verdict and stated that he had been the foreman. In that moment I knew I had won.”
The allegation of this defendant:
"When the defendant stuck with his 'two beers' story and the blood alcohol assessor said his BAC for his height/weight was 7.8 drinks."
Jimkrueger/Getty Images
This moment caught in a lie:
"Custody battle. The mother is being questioned because the children have told their own children's attorneys that their mother smoked marijuana with them when they were 12-13 years old. She argues that the children are lying.
Same cross-examination, mother admits to having "smoked medicinally" (prior to any legalization, medically legal). When investigated, she didn't have a card, and when asked where she got her medicinal pot she said, "The local pharmacy down the road." Back then, medical marijuana was only available online/by mail order through a small handful of government control companies. Liar, liar burns.” – u/YYCStar
"When they said, 'I know the doctors rigged my drug test! It should have been positive for a lot more than just meth!' I wish that was made up."
Md Saiful Islam Khan/Getty Images/iStockphoto
This last try:
"He has tried to use his own attorney as an authority for the judge to act upon. The judge wasn't amused. I have won."
This bad outfit choice:
"The client was charged with grievous bodily harm (a possible five years) for kicking a guy in the shit while wearing cowboy boots with those fancy steel spikes on the boots. He wore the boots to his jury trial.”
This raunchy scammer:
"A case of assault - a woman said she slipped and fell outside a nail salon because they had not swept up the wet leaves outside the door. One day we got a CD in the mail - we put it in the computer, and right there is security camera footage of our client picking up the wet leaves, laying them on the sidewalk and sitting on them before calling for help."
The story goes on

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