Lea Michele's Glee Costar Kevin McHale Proposes How She Can Keep 'Leaning Into' Theories She Can't Read

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Kevin McHale knows exactly how to deal with Lea Michele's rumors that she's illiterate.
The youngest Celebrity Drag Race contestant said his former Glee co-star should enter RuPaul's Drag Race "Reading Is Fundamental" challenge to prove once and for all that she can read -- or not.
McHale, 34, thinks Michele, 36, should edit footage of herself on TikTok with clips from the show's signature game, in which the drag race queens "read" each other with good-natured insults.
"I hope she does a TikTok with it. It would be great if someone turned it into a reading challenge on Drag Race," McHale, known as Chic-Li-Fay on Drag Race, told Entertainment Weekly. "Seriously, I think she would be great. As for the memes, I think they need to put them in one of those scenes and then just let crickets play. Maybe she should, she seems like she's leaning into it."
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Kevin McHale and Lea Michele attend the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on July 22, 2012 at the Gibson Amphitheater
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For years, Michele has been the subject of an internet rumor that claims she can't read or write. The theory has taken on a life of its own thanks to TikTok users who have dug into Michele's past to show "evidence" she caught pretending to read.
Even Michele addressed the speculation on her TikTok account. "Calling Jonathan [Groff] to read me the comments on my first TikTok," Michele captioned a video of herself after starting her own account on the video sharing site.
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While Michele is now caught up in the joke — at least on TikTok — she opened up about the rumors in early September. "I went to Glee every day, I knew my lines every day," she told the New York Times. "And then there's a rumor on the internet that I can't read or write? That's sad. It really is.”
Michele added, "I often think if I were a man, a lot of that wouldn't be the case."
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The Funny Girl actress also responded to a fan tweet about the conspiracy, saying in March 2018 when the joke first surfaced, "I loved reading that tweet and wanted to text you back."
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