Lebanese couple haunted by blast on wedding day

August 4, 2020 was supposed to be the wedding anniversary that Lebanese doctor Israa Seblani had always dreamed of, but it quickly turned into a nightmare.
Israa was standing beaming in a square in Beirut that afternoon after marrying businessman Ahmad Subeih when the scene was rocked by a deafening roar and a tremendous shock wave that nearly knocked her off her feet.
More than 200 people were killed and thousands more injured in the August 4 explosion in Beirut.
Parts of the city were destroyed, including the hotel where they were supposed to spend their first night as a newlyweds.
The couple are so haunted by the memories of the explosion that they do not show a photo of their wedding.
“It is a memory that cannot be forgotten. She lives with us and could live with us until we die. These memories will live to us until we die or lose our memories. It is correlative with us, in our life, mind, brain and soul, and it stays with us, we just coexist with it, nothing more. "
“We don't even like to remember that time, especially me, to the point where I still don't have a photo of my wedding day at home. I haven't put a photo of us on, and I can't, even though it was a gift, but I can't. "
As the first anniversary of the explosion - and their wedding - approaches, the couple plans to get into work.
She at Rafik Hariri University Hospital, he in his clothing store.
They hope to be able to leave Lebanon soon to escape the economic crisis there.
Ahmad says they just want stability and security.
As for Israa, she hopes she won't be reminded that her wedding day fell on one of the darkest days in her country's history.
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