LeBron James has message for racist 'fan' who wrote Lakers owner Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, marked Juneteenth with a message to her white friends to "do it better".
She shared on Instagram an ugly letter from a self-proclaimed "giant Lakers fan" in which she was addressed as a "whore". She described NBA players as racist insults and urged them to join the great Kobe Bryant of the late Lakers.
Again - the letter is mean:
Buss' message to white friends
So why share the insults of a clearly racist, sexist and hateful man?
Buss wanted to shed light on the way of thinking that allowed racism to thrive in the United States 155 years after the last Confederate slaves were emancipated. Although not every racism is as obvious as Joe's, Buss asked her white friends and followers to identify and tackle racism of all kinds.
"On that day, June 19, I ask my white friends to join forces to recognize racism in our country and around the world, and to commit to not ignoring it," wrote Buss. "We all have to do better."
LeBron James doesn't have much patience with the hideous chatter of a racist fan. (AP Photo / Brandon Dill)
LeBron: "I love you, Jeanie !!!"
Lakers star LeBron James posted Buss' message in an Instagram story on Friday afternoon entitled "Love you Jeanie !!!"
He also sent Joe his personal message.
IG / Kingjames
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