Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid Keep Their Relationship Low-Key As Pair Is Spotted Covering Faces After Date Night

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid have reportedly been dating for a few months, and the two were spotted having dinner in New York City last week. The Oscar winner, 48, and the supermodel, 27, were photographed by paparazzi leaving a dinner date at Cipriani on November 19, covering their faces as security guards pushed them out of the restaurant. The duo also dined with venture capitalist Vivi Nevo, a close friend of the Titanic actor.
Leonardo DiCaprio & Gigi Hadid's Latest Dinner In NYC
For their night out, DiCaprio donned a billowy black coat, black jeans, a matching baseball cap, white sneakers and a mask to hide his face. Hadid wore a crop top, a leather jacket and a blue scarf, which she also used to cover her face. DiCaprio wore white sneakers, black jeans, a baggy black coat, a baseball cap and a mask that covered most of his face. Hadid, on the other hand, rocked a crop top paired with a leather jacket and a blue scarf that she used to cover her face.
A few days later, a source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight that the model's family has approved of DiCaprio, noting in particular her sister Bella and mother Yolanda. "Bella and Yolanda think Leo is incredibly talented and are naturally supportive of their relationship," the insider said, adding that "they just want Gigi to be happy, support her, and help her be a great mom," to her daughter Kai. 2, which she shares with ex Zayn Malik.
The source also reportedly said that DiCaprio is very much in love with Hadid. "Leo thinks Gigi is gorgeous, super down to earth and smart," they said. "They both really enjoy each other's company and bond over a variety of things. Leo enjoys getting to know Gigi better. They both hope to spend as much time together as possible."
DiCaprio & Hadid: A Timeline
The rumored couple were first spotted together in NYC on September 10 when the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star and Vogue cover girl attended a New York Fashion Week after-party, held at the exclusive private club Casa Cipriani. That was just weeks after DiCaprio broke up with Camila Morrone, his girlfriend of five years.
On Sept. 21, a source reportedly told People that Hadid and DiCaprio "like each other and are having a good time." Another source said to be close to the couple added that the Great Gatsby alum is very "smitten with Gigi," explaining that she's "the type of woman he's usually attracted to."

The insider continued, "They sort of run in the same high-profile circles and would see each other at events, clubs, restaurants and gatherings." At the time, the source added that DiCaprio and Hadid weren't "serious," saying, "Leo wasn't out of his relationship with Camila long enough to throw himself headfirst into anything. I'm not sure he's quite done with Camila. It was a long romance.”
Page Six reported in early November that the Don't Look Up actress and Guest in Residence founder, along with her sister Bella Hadid, fellow model Irina Shayk and art dealer Helly Nahmad, attended the Circoloco Halloween party at the Brooklyn Navy Yard attended. They arrived on the party bus, the outlet noted, and a source said that "Leo wore a [creepy] mask most of the night unless he was drinking" and "the group got bottle service." DiCaprio's mask was apparently "half monster, half zombie."
One of the more recent updates (aside from the dinner date) fans have received regarding DiCaprio and Hadid's rumored romance is another quote from an inside source, this time reported by People. An insider reportedly told the mag that DiCaprio and Hadid "see each other in NYC when they can," adding, "[She's] enjoying dating Leo." While Hadid is reportedly very fond of DiCaprio, the source pointed out that her "first priority is to be a mother". They continued, "She seems very happy and excited to see him. She is attracted to him. He treats her really well. She finds him mature and charming.”
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