Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly "Settling Into Domestic Life" With Camila Morrone

From Cosmopolitan
The relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone is still good.
Leo and Camila currently live together.
I sincerely apologize to those of you who put Leonardo DiCaprio at the top of your Christmas wish list because he is apparently still incredibly strong with Camila Morrone, his three year old girlfriend. In fact, things are going so well between Leo and Camila that E! News reports that they took the next step in their relationship by moving in together. (I'll give you a moment.)
After the E! Source: "Leo and Cami are still strong and they are really fine", and Leo is "very comfortable with Cami and they mean business". The source added that Leo "is currently filming, but Leo has settled into this domestic life with Cami, unlike all the time he's spent with his boys," stating that "he really likes his life - them and they're a lot more coupley than they used to be. "
For your information, this is pretty much the only major update we've had on Leo and Camila's relationship since they attended the 92nd annual Academy Awards together earlier this year. They don't talk about their relationship for the sake of privacy, but around this time last year Camila spoke about her and Leo's relationship in an interview with the Los Angeles Times ... and told the STFU pretty much everyone about her and Leo's 23rd -Year difference.
"There are so many relationships in Hollywood - and in the history of the world - where people have great age differences ... I think everyone should be able to date whoever they want to date" she said, adding, "I feel like there should always be an identity other than who you date. I understand the association, but I'm confident it will continue to slip and be less of a conversation."
Cool-cool-cool, gonna cry into the next pillow in a moment!
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