Let’s Talk About Steve Trevor’s Problematic Resurrection in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

(This article contains some pretty massive spoilers for "Wonder Woman 1984")
We knew that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who died in the first movie, would somehow be back 70 years later, alive and well. We didn't know how it would work of course, we just knew Chris Pine would show up in contemporary clothing so he probably wouldn't be just a ghost or a vision or something.
After seeing Wonder Woman 1984 and knowing how Steve was brought back to life, we have a whole new set of questions.
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Let's summarize the basics. Steve is brought back to life by the dream stone, a magical stone that fulfills wishes, in the "Monkey's Paw" style. That is, it gives you what you asked for, but also takes something away from you. So Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) wishes Steve was alive again, and it works! But as the film progresses, the stone's magic slowly fades away from its Amazonian superpowers.
Steve's resurrection is a little more complicated than we are used to in such situations in movies and TV shows. His physical body is not resuscitated. It doesn't just come into being. No, only his soul has returned - in another man's body.
Ultimately, Wonder Woman is forced to give up her wish in order to regain her powers and save the world. And if she does and Steve leaves, this guy will probably wake up in the middle of the chaos of the movie's climax with no idea what's going on.
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"Wonder Woman 1984" never stops thinking about the madness of this situation. It actually glosses it over by looking at Chris Pine's face the whole time instead of Kristoffer Polaha, the actor who plays the person whose body Steve owns.
But that is certainly awkward. This nameless man loses control of his body for a few days as Steve and Diana go on their harrowing adventures. He wakes up with at least a few extra scratches and bruises. Diana had sex with him at least once without his consent. They risked this man's life throughout the film without letting him decide to get involved.
Steve had no choice here either, at least as far as life in this man's body was concerned. But Diana did. And when she finally gave up her wish in the third act, it wasn't because she worried about this guy, but because she knew she had to in order to save the world. If the world hadn't got into chaos, it would have been glad if Steve had taken over this man's existence until he died.
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It's frustrating that Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't really care that a character who is some kind of shining star and the beating heart of the DCEU would completely ignore the many ethical complications of Steve's return from the grave.
The strange thing about this whole situation is that instead of doing that possession, you could just have Steve manifest in a new body. You would think the whole reason they would do it this way is to invite the ethics talk I have here. The dream stone is just magical and there are no rules other than those set by the authors.
So, I'm assuming there was a version of this movie at some point where Wonder Woman ponders the ethical ramifications of Steve owning this random guy. It could be that this complicating factor in Steve's resurrection should be the result of the perversion of the Dream Stone's desires. Like a "You can have him back, but in a way that is ethically unsustainable for a true superhero".
Instead, the final cut of "Wonder Woman 1984" doesn't care about that topic at all. That's a shame, and quite frankly a pretty weird flaw for the character.
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