Lethal dose of fentanyl leads to murder charge against Modesto man accused of selling it

A Modesto man was charged with murder for selling a lethal dose of fentanyl to a young man in May.
Anthony Taft Lee, 36, has been in custody since June on charges related to fentanyl sales but was transferred to an overdose on Friday in connection with the death of 21-year-old Connor Hoffman.
He died on May 28 after buying $ 10 worth of fentanyl from a man he met on Snapchat, his mother told The Bee last month.
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According to a press release, Lee linked a lengthy investigation into the sale.
During a charge on Friday, Lee pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and the possession and sale of fentanyl in connection with the death. The prosecutor said he would try to consolidate the case with the fentanyl sales case against which Lee was indicted in June.
Stanislaus County Prosecutor's Office spokesman John Goold said, “I believe this is the first time we have been charged with a murder case involving a fentanyl overdose. Filing such a case depends on the specific facts that are discovered by law enforcement agencies. ”He declined to elaborate on these facts.
Goold said the office has no statistics on whether others have been charged with murders in overdose deaths involving other drugs.
Lee's bail was set at $ 2 million.
"Fentanyl has made illicit drug use more dangerous than ever. There is no better time to seek help with a drug addiction problem," the press release said. "Services are available through Stanislaus County's Behavioral Health Recovery Services."

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