Letters to the Editor: Anti-Newsom 'maskholes' are putting people's lives at risk

Maggie Assaele of Westlake Village participates in a protest against the government shutdown order outside the Cronies Sports Bar and Grill in Agoura Hills. (Los Angeles times)
To the editor: When Maggie Assaele looked at the photo of herself in the LA Times on December 20th, exposed and tagged with a "Recall Newsom" sign, I hope she's on the same page for Gustavo Arrellano's column on the tragic Death of Pancreatic Cancer Patient Kim Folsom read about the pain and anger of her surviving husband Billy in search of emergency medical care in hospitals without beds.
To borrow Billy's tenure, she and the restaurant customers depicted defying the restrictions on outdoor dining should stop being "mask holes" and begin investigating their own selfish actions. I'm angry at GOP opportunists who use these dark days to attempt a call back from Governor Gavin Newsom.
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Additionally, I can't bear to see a letter to the editor on the same day justifying the $ 81 million spend on a recall election so families can get together for the vacation. I hope the reader ponders Billy Folsom's ordeal.
Marilyn Welch, Chino Hills
To the editor: The juxtaposition of the article about getting Newsom with Arellano's column telling Kim Folsom's sad story was very instructive.
Yes, Newsom made some mistakes, but he has also done a lot to prevent the scenario that sadly ended Kim Folsom's life last spring or summer from happening. If he hadn't acted then, can you imagine how many more people would have had the same fate?
My heart goes out to the Folsom family. I strongly agree with Billy Folsom's assessment that his wife's fate rests on the shoulders of the "mask holes."
I would also like to add that President Trump addressed the pandemic as a political rather than a scientific problem. If he had talked about it the way his advisers told him at the beginning, things would be very different now.
Kim Folsom didn't have to die like this.
Bruce Fischer, Huntington Beach
To the editor: Unfortunately, the "joke" crowd pulled their heads out of the sand. "Call Newsall back," they yell.
Did you follow science? Comply with state rules? Do you do your "jobs" to keep COVID-19 infections low?
At the same time, articles across the state are writing about these recall petitions. COVID-19 is overwhelming our healthcare system. It's a shame that many of them didn't actually spend their energy according to the rules.
But hey blame Newsom. Yes it is his fault. How deceptive of these people.
Jimmie Robertson, Dana Point
This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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