Letters to the editor for Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Editorial cartoon
Editorial cartoon
Solution for children with disabilities
Rutherford is right. There is insufficient support in the classroom for children with disabilities whose behavior becomes disruptive. He's wrong about the solution. Corporal punishment is not a solution.
Children with disabilities have a citizen's right to extra help to stay in the classroom with their able-bodied peers. This is based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
By law, schools hold an annual meeting between parents, teachers, administrators, and special education teachers. At this meeting they establish goals and objectives, specific services and provisions that the disabled child will need to achieve their goals.
The plan they arrive at is called the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). If the IEP is not sufficient, parents have the right to sue the district to obtain these services and shelters.
It is not fair to anyone to keep an undersupported child in school, whether it is a student, their parents, classmates or teachers. Pupils come to school not only to learn subject matter, but also to learn how to function and participate in society. Pupils with behavioral disorders need special support for this.
Students who are misdiagnosed or treated poorly in school become our high school dropouts with limited opportunities for a decent quality of life as adults. For people with severe behavioral disorders, there is very little or no support available to them as adults. The consequences for our society are obvious.
We need school boards who understand this and are able to work with these students to develop approaches that are humane, legal and actually work.
Judy Freiberg, Naples
Trump should step aside for DeSantis
Congratulations to Ron DeSantis on his re-election as Governor of the beautiful state of Florida. Now let's talk about the 2024 presidential election. Recently, the media has highlighted a growing rivalry between you and Donald Trump. He sees you as a threat to his recently announced intention to make a third attempt to run for President of the United States again. Well, that's how I see the situation. You can walk under your own power; Trump has too much baggage. You are a decent family man; Trump a womanizer. you, a Navy veteran; Trump a draft evader. You have a proven track record of administering the state of Florida; Trump a series of business failures that led to bankruptcy filings. I know it's not politically correct to mention age, but think about it.
My message to Mr. Trump: You must pack your MAGA hats and retreat to Mar-a-Lago. Try to be a decent husband for Melania and a father for your little son. Leave politics to leaders who rule by experience and with integrity and dignity.
Barbara Geisenburg, Naples
Seniors struggle with stock market patterns
The holiday season is just around the corner. But how many seniors are grateful to the economy, their 401K, and the stock market? I know that when I was planning my retirement, a lot was based on how the market and the economy were developing. So moving closer, how many seniors are back in the workforce? How many returned because it was necessary? How many have done this because they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the market recession? But why? There is a pattern.
As I look back over the past 50 years in the markets, there have been two big things that I call ground zero. The first is the Crash of 1987 - Black Monday! The second was the additional products for financial organizations, the 401K! This new product should quickly compensate for the loss of pensions in the private sector.
The Next Big Event, 1999 and the Internet Phenomenon. Markets hit hard in 1999-2000. The bubble burst. Markets crashed, 401,000 new accounts are being hammered. 11-12 years have passed since the last collapse.
2009 is the next bubble to burst on the stock market. The housing bubble wiped out 50 percent of most 401Ks. This is starting to look like a trend.
2021 is the latest contraction in the market. 401,000, stocks and investment vehicles all take a 30 percent discount. No one is spared from inflation, an overheated economy and a divided country.
So you can see a pattern about every 10 years with the invention of a new product like 401K, the internet, the housing bubble and historical climate spending. This pattern will run its course, about 18 to 24 months, and we will reset. But what will the new product be? Find out early, make big money and get out of the market before another 10 years pass.
Jack Holt, Cape Coral
Insurance industry attacks homeowners
It seems to me that if the governor wanted to work on something that would help the people of the state of Florida, he would start gouging the insurance companies. We just experienced one of the worst hurricanes in over 30 years. Tons of damage. People are devastated and have lost everything. Insurance companies happily take your money to insure your property every year, and the typical homeowner will have few if any claims. In fact, they are betting that you have no entitlements. They make billions of dollars annually. I live in a homeowners association. Last year our insurance increased drastically. Now the company is already telling us that our insurance will increase between 70 and 100 percent this year. That's how you look at it, cavities. We had very little damage and made no claims. So all insurance companies will either walk out of Florida or dramatically increase prices. Shouldn't that be illegal? Don't I remember DeSantis saying he wouldn't allow gouging? How about fighting the insurance companies?
Gail Ruperd, Naples
Time to act to stop mass killings
The day before Thanksgiving, I wake up to the news of six people being killed at a Wal-Mart in Virginia. This follows murders at the Q nightclub in Colorado just days earlier. A few months ago, mall shootings in South Carolina and Texas, in addition to the murders of elementary school students in Uvalde, Texas.
I'm stunned; I'm thinking of Pete Seeger's song with the chorus, "Oh, when are they ever gonna learn?"
When will our legislators step up for us before we become the next victims?
Is the NRA lobby so important that our representatives cannot ban the sale of AR-15s and other military weapons?
"Oh, when will they ever learn?"
Adrianne Cady, Naples
Do you think something is wrong?
It took 20 years, four US Presidents and $2 trillion to replace the Taliban with the
Taliban! Do you think something is wrong? We spent $3 trillion on the COVID pandemic because we
was told that a million Americans would die. They did! Do you think something is wrong? People running this country are idiots! Do you think something is wrong?
Donald Geraci, Alva
Republicans with the goal of Social Security
Oops, some voters just didn't understand what they were voting for.
They voted for Republican representatives, now led by the new House Speaker, with an agenda to cut Social Security and cut Medicare coverage. As Thomas Jefferson once proclaimed, "The government you elect is the government you deserve." Unfortunately, they're taking the rest of us folks with them.
The Republican agenda in the new Congress includes raising the Social Security age from 67 to 70. It also includes a significant reduction in Medicare coverage. The devil is in the details. As there are currently many elderly people, we are a major target for budget cuts. Better to tax us than big oil companies. And Florida's Rick Scott is there to add fuel to the fire.
DeSantis is really good at that too. Over 82,500 died from COVID in Florida to make room for the next generation of older people. let her come Fortunately, Republicans have Joe Biden to protect them. Biden has vowed to veto legislation cutting Social Security or Medicare.
Sally Lam, Naples
Republican bait and switch
Republicans, unsurprisingly, are capable of their old tricks.
The party campaigned primarily on the three "I" issues in the last election: inflation, immigration and insecurity or crime, along with an unhealthy dose of Big Lie election denial.
Now that they have won an overwhelming majority, albeit a narrow one, in the House of Representatives, the GOP's first comments have focused on the investigation it intends to conduct against President Biden, his son and members of his administration. While some ultra-extremists alluded to this maneuver during the election campaign, they kept it secret, probably on the advice of cooler party leaders and advisers who realized how repugnant it would be.
But now, unaccountable to the electorate for at least a few years, they are showing their true colors: an intent to obstruct rather than legislate.
That's understandable, because along with their negativity throughout the campaign, they've never really made any positive suggestions to address the three "Is" they've moaned so loudly about.
It's a classic but lazy brand of bait and switch that many voters, mostly in the GOP base and some duped independents, have fallen for on the hookline and sinker.
Marshall Tanick, Naples
Go further from Trump
Republican policy adviser and former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff points out how Donald Trump benefits from your donations. He is asking for donations to help meet the Official Georgia Runoff Fundraising Goal and help Herschel Walker. What he doesn't tell you is that 90 percent of every donation goes to Trump's super PAC and only 10 percent goes to Walker's campaign. Typical rip-off artist Trump move. Dear Floridians, please keep your money in your pockets.
After six years, writers in conservative newspapers across the country appear to have changed their minds about Donald Trump. They had praised him for those years and now, in more recent articles, they want the Republican Party to back away from him, saying he's wrong about the stolen 2020 election, going so far as to ask if Trump is his Stripes can change (but we all have doubts). Let's hope readers who follow these authors, and those who continue to support Trump, will take note and refrain from him. Our democracy cannot endure another Trump regime.
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