Letters to the Editor: Recalling Gavin Newsom would be insane. California is lucky to have him

Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at a press conference in Sacramento on Sept. 23 (Daniel Kim / Associated Press)
To the editor, your print headline in your editorial on efforts to remove Governor Gavin Newsom says, "We could all lose on a recall." No, we will all lose on a recall.
We are at war with an invisible, deadly enemy. At the start of this war in March, little was known about this enemy and decisions had to be made about how to respond. While some failed to realize the severity of the threat, Newsom acted decisively and worked hard to provide protective equipment to health workers.
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There were many then and now who pretend the virus isn't a big problem. Of course it's a problem and it's killing huge numbers of people every day and it's overwhelming our hospitals. We must continue to use selective shutdowns and masks to slow the spread of the virus while the vaccine is being distributed.
Everyone should stand firmly behind Newsom and look beyond their little mistakes.
David Michels, Encino
To the editor: I wouldn't vote to remember Newsom, but if I went there it wouldn't be the hypocrisy he displayed while dining at the chic French laundry restaurant, which goes against his own safety recommendations.
Rather, Newsom should be considered for deportation because of the long delays in obtaining unemployment benefits for Californians, the prisoners' fraud in collecting government checks, and his lack of leadership in directing public schools when his own children are in their private schools and several other errors.
Andrew Bressler, Culver City
To the editor: Thank you for your editorial. After reading it, I downloaded the recall petition and will share it with family members so we can all sign it. Spending up to $ 81 million on a special election is a small price to pay to deter him from abusing power.
The Newsom Democrats have become the ultimate control freak. Much of the spread of COVID-19 is driven by small family functions, according to experts.
Does this mean Newsom will attack our families more than he already has?
Dan Dreblow, Big Bear City, California.
To the editor: From Gavin Newsom to Josh Newman to Gray Davis, let's call the recall what it really is - a devious way for the state GOP to erase the will of voters. Recalls the abbreviation of the more difficult task of finding and leading a tasty candidate in the actual election years.
David Alpern, Long Beach
This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.
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