Letters to the Editor: Republicans cry 'rigged election,' but they're the ones trying to cheat

Supporters of President Trump's rally outside the Maricopa County Recorder office in Phoenix on Nov. 7. (Associated Press)
To the editor: Don Quixote Tipping on Windmills comes to mind after reading about the efforts of Republicans in Arizona to make electoral changes allegedly addressing a problem, electoral fraud, that just doesn't exist.
But Don Quixote was harmless, and the efforts of these legislators are far from.
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The proposals in Arizona and other states such as Georgia are shamelessly aimed at reducing the number of Democratic voters who, in the last election, turned some red states blue and, in the case of Arizona, into a swing state.
Irony also comes to mind. While former President Trump claims he lost due to a rigged election, and a majority of his party supports this deception, Republicans in states proposing new restrictive electoral laws are aiming to show the country how to vote can actually be manipulated. They want to make it more difficult for democratic constituencies to cast their ballots.
It cannot be good to use a remedy for a disease that does not exist.
Agustin Medina, South Pasadena
To the editor: The GOP is showing its true colors again. If it can't win with decent candidates, it will cheat in every possible way.
Republicans' use of gerrymandering and their attempts to make it harder to vote by mail and affect the electoral capacity of minorities are brought into play. I've lost track of how many GOP proposals there are to narrow down votes aimed at people who are ignorant and wealthy.
At the Conservative Florida Political Action Conference last week, they even rolled a gold statue of "The One I Will Not Name". It's disgusting, but it's what we expect from a party that has fully embraced racism and fascism.
Democrats have to be careful and defend themselves, otherwise democracy in this country is doomed to failure. We are Germany in the 1930s. How we proceed remains to be seen.
Scott Hughes, Westlake Village
This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.
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