Letters to the Editor: There was nothing racist about Kamala Harris and Mike Pence's debate

Senator Kamala Harris listens as Vice President Mike Pence speaks during her debate in Salt Lake City on October 7th. (Associated Press)
To the Editor: To columnist Erika D. Smith, who describes Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris as a "diehard former prosecutor" and Vice President Mike Pence as an "overconscious, condescending, weak and terrified white man." and then basing an entire article on these characterizations seems to me an indolent effort to find an excuse for something to write about.
Playing black against white is a blaze, and I wish writers would stop. I was watching the debate, and the furthest thing that crossed my mind was that what I saw was kind of racist.
I think you see what you wanna see
Alan Booth, Los Angeles
To the editor: Wow, "monsters"?
While the President of the United States had nothing negative to say about the people who allegedly planned to kidnap the Michigan governor, he took the time to call Fox News and say Harris was a "monster".
Perhaps it would be more revealing to look at the behavior of the most powerful person in the country, who puts less powerful people at risk of a deadly disease. Then we can stick the tail on the real monster.
Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley, California.
To the editor: Trump refuses to participate in a virtual debate because it would be a "waste of time". Given their catastrophic abuse of the pandemic, it has become a reality for every American to do things online that we would rather be doing in person.
Trump's firing is an insult to anyone who, in the past seven months, has only been able to virtually celebrate a birthday or wedding, visit a grandparent, go to school, or most tragically see a loved one dying last time.
Charles Barquist, Beverly Hills
To the editor: I find it absurd that one of the most important elections of the present era does not have enough time in the debates to answer the most important questions that will affect the lives of Americans for the next four years, or even the next four years will affect lifetime.
Furthermore, it's a debate, so that's exactly what candidates are supposed to do.
This idea of ​​"proper etiquette" or "politeness" where candidates simply have to answer the moderator's question while the other candidate is silent is absurd and unnatural. If candidates cannot address facts that are incorrect, you can conduct candidate interviews instead.
Should Trump be silent when former Vice President Joe Biden says he hasn't done anything in the past four years? Does Harris have to be silent if Pence attacks her?
Michele Castagnetti, Los Angeles

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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