Lil Nas X finally admitted he's a 'Barb,' confirming long-time rumors that he ran a Nicki Minaj stan account

Lil Nas X is a two-time Grammys winner, while Nicki Minaj has not won her first one (a barb injustice).
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Lil Nas X apologized to Nicki Minaj for pretending not to be "barb" - the term Minaj's fans use for himself - and confirmed the long-standing suspicion that he had had a Minaj Stan account in the past .
A lot of evidence indicated that Lil Nas X is the person behind "nasmaraj", a report devoted to Stanning (AKA is a fan of) Minaj.
While the rapper "Old Town Road" didn't claim "nasmaraj" by name, he tweeted how he hid his Minaj account before he came out gay.
"It was a bit painful when you denied being a barb, but I understand," Minaj tweeted. "Congratulations on building your trust to tell your truth."
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"Old Town Road" rappers Lil Nas X and Nicki Minaj had a moment of attachment on Twitter when the former apologized for hiding his "Barb" past as a Minaj Stan account.
Evidence that Lil Nas X ran the Minaj fansite "nasmaraj" has been accumulating for a long time, but the singer has never confirmed or denied that the account was him.
Without explicitly identifying himself as "Nasmaraj", Lil Nas X nevertheless stated that he had remained silent about whether he had kept the account because he did not want to pretend to be gay before getting a place in the "rap / music industry" "had secured.
The recording was made after Lil Nas X replied to Minaj's tweet and asked if she would like to work on a song (according to his Twitter biography, Lil Nas X's album is "91%" ready). Previously, the singer had introduced on his EP Cardi B - Minajs Rap-Nemesis - in his song "Rodeo".
Mrs. Petty

@ Nickiminaj
June 16, 2020

@ LilNasX
I have this song I want you on and I was wondering ...
00:28 - June 17, 2020
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In response to a question from Barb (Minaj 's fans call themselves "Barbz") why he had never "claimed" her when people asked if he was Barb, Lil Nas X made it clear that he did not want the People know he's gay.
In response to someone who wrote, "Being a barb doesn't make you gay," the singer explained his position, saying, "People will accept if you have an entire fan site dedicated to Nicki, you're gay. "
June 17, 2020
Replies to @LilNasX and 3 others
Being a barb doesn't make you gay.

@ LilNasX
It's not like that, but people will assume that you had an entire fan site dedicated to Nicki. You are gay. and the rap / music industry is not yet built or accepted for gay men.
00:58 - June 17, 2020
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Minaj then tweeted an answer and wrote that "it was a bit stinging" when Lil Nas X denied his Barb past, but Minaj congratulated him for "building" his confidence and being honest.
Mrs. Petty

@ Nickiminaj
It was a bit painful when you denied being a barb, but I understand. Congratulations on building your trust to tell your truth. @ LilNasX
3:10 p.m. - June 17, 2020
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Lil Nas X replied with an apology and wrote: "I'm sorry I did this at a time when you already had so much hatred for draft horses." He added that he was "just so scared that people would find out about me and lose everything before I got a chance."
Mrs. Petty

@ Nickiminaj
It was a bit painful when you denied being a barb, but I understand. Congratulations on building your trust to tell your truth. @ LilNasX

@ LilNasX
The generous queen, I love you. and I'm sorry I did this at a time when you already got so much hatred for draft horses. I felt so bad and hoped you wouldn't see my rejection. I was just so afraid that people would find out about me and lose everything before I even got a chance.
3:26 p.m. - June 17, 2020
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Minaj has always been a controversial rapper with an enthusiastic, noisy fan base. In 2019, when Lil Nas X rose from a simple Stan account to a global icon thanks to "Old Town Road", he left his Barb account in the shadows, despite the fact that people were alerting him online.
The "hatred of draft horses" he spoke of was a time when it was easy to shade Minaj thanks to the growing success of her rivals Cardi B and Minaj's own admission that she was the "bad guy" in a lot of rap beef has been.
Before he revealed his Stan account story, there was ample evidence that Lil Nas X was "Nasmaraj".
The account that is believed to have belonged to Lil Nas X no longer exists because it has been blocked. But there is plenty of evidence to support the theory that "nasmaraj", a Twitter account known for tweetdecking and Minaj-Stanning, really was.
"#LilNasXIsOverParty" was even a trend on Twitter after users found old, anti-Islam tweets on "nasmaraj" and criticized the singer for them.
The New York Magazine Intelligencer blog thoroughly examined the evidence and decided that "nasmaraj" is most likely Lil Nas X's old report, although the singer's team once refused to do so on the billboard.
And "nasmaraj" was not just a nobody on Twitter - much like Lil Nas X built a fan base of almost 5 million Twitter followers, with tweets that regularly win large numbers, "nasmaraj" had a six-digit fan base and was also involved to Tweetdecking, a practice where popular Twitter users spam the platform with coordinated and often fake or stolen content to go viral.
Evidence linking "nasmaraj" to Lil Nas X includes a Reddit account, u / NasMaraj, which identified itself on Twitter as both Lil Nas X and "@nasmaraj". On Reddit, u / NasMaraj advertised "Old Town Road" immediately after the release by Lil Nas X.
After "nasmaraj" was blocked on Twitter for tweeting, a new account, "nasmarai", identified itself as "nasmarajs" new Twitter account.
The "Nasmarai" account had an email in his Twitter biography, which later appeared in Lil Nas X's biography as his email account. And on Instagram, Lil Nas X's description said he was "Nasmarai" on Twitter.
Now that Lil Nas X admits that he had a Minaj Stan account at some point, it's pretty clear that the singer was really "Nasmaraj" - but his newer, more refined Twitter presence (see: Lack of Offensive Comments and Tweetdecking -Practices) shows that he has firmly left his Stan Twitter legacy in the past.
A representative of Lil Nas X did not immediately respond to Insider's request to comment on whether he was "Nasmaraj".
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