Lin Wood’s Ex-Partners Say He’s a Fraudster. His Emails May Prove It

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Contested pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood could find himself in even more hot water soon after former legal partners alleged he lied to a judge and covered up a plan to get her stake in the settlements with former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann steal.
Making matters worse for Wood, his former partners say he wrote down the alleged plan in a series of nightly emails - documents they now have.
While Wood has made a name for himself as an attorney for the likes of falsely accused bomb suspect Richard Jewell at the Atlanta Olympics, he has since suffered a number of professional setbacks after hunting for steamy evidence of "election fraud" and the Had focused on promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.
In August, a Michigan federal judge referred Wood, Sidney Powell and other attorneys involved in a 2020 election case to their state bar associations for possible suspension or banning and sentenced them to pay legal fees that could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wood is already facing a potential layoff in his home state of Georgia after refusing to take a mental health exam.
As of September 2020, Wood and three former partners in his office - Nicole Wade, Jonathan Grunberg and Taylor Wilson - have been in a lawsuit over the fate of an unknown amount of money from settlements with former Kentucky high school student Nick Sandmann. While Sandmann is only described as an anonymous "contentious customer" in the legal acts surrounding the case, the details in the motions show that he is the person described.
Sandmann's much-discussed encounter with a Native American activist in 2019 at the Lincoln Memorial sparked a national media debate and turned the MAGA-hat student into a conservative celebre. With Wood as one of his lawyers, Sandmann settled cases against CNN and The Washington Post for undisclosed amounts in 2020.
These settlements are now at the center of the legal battle between Wood and his exes, who left his practice in 2020 after a series of bizarre incidents with Wood, including an alleged attack on one of the lawyers. While Wood admits that he referred to the lawyers as his "partners," he says they were never actually partners in his firm.
As part of the company's liquidation, Wood agreed in an agreement dated March 2020 to pay his exes an undisclosed amount of what he would get from Sandmann's settlements. But now the plaintiffs say in the case that Wood was already intriguing behind the scenes to deceive them about the settlement money.
One day in February 2020 around 3 a.m., the ex-partners claim, Wood sent two emails to Todd McMurtry, his co-attorney on the Sandman cases. In the emails titled "A Good Idea!" And "Taylor, Jonathan and Nicole," Wood allegedly urged McMurtry to work with the "Contested Client" to sign an agreement that would govern legal regulation in Georgia Taking advantage of payments by opposing the three other lawyers receiving money from the Sandman cases.
"In short, I need your help and the help of [Disputed Client] to quickly and quietly nip this nonsense in the bud ... will you help me?" Wood wrote according to a court record.
Lin Wood was booted from the bar club after demanding Pence's execution
If the emails are genuine, the emails show that Wood plans in detail to ensure that his exes do not receive any money from Sandmann's cases, even though he is nearing signing an agreement to split the funds.
"Your efforts to be greedy could harm me, my family, my legacy, and my customers - including your customers [REDACTED] if the disputes go public," Wood reportedly wrote to McMurtry. "That has to be nipped in the bud, and quickly."
When Wood was supposed to hand over the agreed share of the Sandman money to his ex-partners in July 2020, he instead insisted that he could not give them any money because the nameless customer objected to anyone other than Wood receiving money. Wood later claimed he played no role in the client's decision not to share the money - a claim that his own emails, according to his exes, have undermined.
"This is fraud," claim the former partners in a complaint.
To complicate Wood's position on the case, his exes say he failed to deliver the emails during the investigation, the process by which opposing sides exchange relevant documents on a case. Instead, they say Wood withheld the existence of the emails and lied under oath that he provided them with all of the documents they requested.
"The defendants hid their own emails exposing their fraud and actively lied to the plaintiffs and the court," the ex-partners claim in their new file, referring to Wood and his company.
But while Wood allegedly hid the emails, he had already forwarded them to another Nevada attorney who passed them on to plaintiffs earlier this month.
In an email to The Daily Beast, Wood described the allegations of lying to a judge about the alleged existence of the system and the emails as "demonstrably false". He went on to say that this article was part of "Operation Mockingbird," a conspiracy theory popular with QAnon believers that claims that the CIA controls the media.
"This latest motion is just another in a long line of motions trying to get negative publicity against me in communist mockingbird propaganda rags like The Daily Beast," Wood wrote. “Litigation with false allegations will not end well for my opponents.
Andrew Beal, attorney for Wood's ex-partners, told The Daily Beast that his clients had "carefully checked" the application containing the potentially explosive emails.
"We feel very strongly about the application that we have submitted," said Beal.
Despite legal troubles across the country, Wood has continued to promote his conspiracy theories. For example, at a fundraiser earlier this month for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor, Wood claimed the United States government had the 11th attacks for his alleged role in 9/11.
Wood also stated that Joe Biden had never set foot in the White House, an obvious reference to conspiracy theories that the Biden government is being faked, possibly on a Hollywood soundstage.
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