Lindsey Buckingham suggests Stevie Nicks is still in love with him: 'It is possible that she has never been completely over me'

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham says it's possible his ex-girlfriend and former bandmate Stevie Nicks still has romantic feelings for him. (Photo: Steve Jennings / Getty Images)
Lindsey Buckingham says his ex-girlfriend and former Fleetwood Mac bandmate Stevie Nicks may still have romantic feelings for him.
"There have been a number of years I've not been over her," Buckingham told the Times in an insightful new interview. "Or maybe she was never completely over me."
Buckingham's testimony comes after declaring that he was fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018 for Nicks' ultimatum to the band that one of the pair had to leave. The band settled on Nicks, and Buckingham, who originally joined the band with Nicks in 1975, got grabbed.
Nicks contradicted Buckingham's testimony, claiming instead that she was not responsible for his termination from the legendary band.
“I didn't fire him, I didn't ask for him to be fired, I didn't ask for him to be fired. In all honesty, I fired myself, "Nicks told Rolling Stone last month." It's unfortunate that Lindsey decided to tell a revisionist story of what happened to Fleetwood Mac in 2018. His version of events is factually inaccurate and while I have never spoken publicly on the matter because I prefer not to do dirty laundry, it is certainly time to bring the truth to light. I could ponder publicly the many reasons, and maybe one day I will in my memoirs, but suffice it to say that we could start in 1968 and work through 2018 with a litany of very precise reasons why I will not work with him . "
Delving into the tumultuous history between him and Nicks, Buckingham said the former couple never really dealt with the trauma of their breakup decades ago.
"The way we got rumors through is part of the legacy and heroism of it all," Buckingham told the Times. “We didn't have time to heal or move on in the traditional sense. I think - and she was the one who moved away from me at the time - that we both had to divide our feelings. That is not healthy, because these small compartments can remain closed for years until something seeps out if you don't notice it. "
After the couple originally separated, Buckingham married and raised a family. But he said Nicks, who had romances with Don Henley and her bandmate Mick Fleetwood after their breakup, instead focused on their professional lives. He suggested that this might play a role in their feelings.
"I got to know the love of my life late and that gave me a completely different view of the world," he told the British newspaper. “Stevie didn't have any children. She took a different path and attached more importance to her professional life. How it has developed in the last three, four, five years ... It's hard for me to know what your mentality is towards me, but I know what mine is to you because I've been married for 21 years and three have children and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. "
Buckingham's 21-year-old wife Kristen filed for divorce this year. However, he says that she "comes" to a reconciliation.
"What I didn't know at the time is that a lot of people propose but never go through with it," said Buckingham. “It has softened since then, so we're trying to sort things out. I'm trying to support her and give her as much time as she needs, and I'm optimistic now. "
Upon his release from the band in 2018, Buckingham said "some people" are not flexible about his desire to postpone the tour.
"I only asked after three months," he explained. "Three months! Everyone does that all the time. In this case, certain people weren't ready to be generous. I mean, come on. Fleetwood Mac builds on that."
Buckingham, however, did not rule out another reunion of the original band.
“It would be up to Stevie who has this revelation herself. And hey, stranger things happened, ”he said. “This is Fleetwood Mac. Everything is possible."
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