Lindsey Graham In New Ad: 'Joe Biden Is As Good A Man As God Ever Created'

Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) raves in a new Republican ad that former Vice President Joe Biden is "as good a man as God ever made" - while President Donald Trump is a "xenophobic, racial-baiting, religious fanatic" is. ”
What a difference an administration makes. The comments were drawn from Graham's past "before he lost his conscience" and became one of the President's strongest defenders, according to a statement by Republican voters against Trump.
"Do you want to know how to make America great again?" Graham asked in 2015. "Tell Donald Trump to go to hell."
The advertisement for Trump's democratic presidential rival shows a completely different Graham. It will run on Fox News in the Charlotte and Greenville markets, reaching both South Carolina and the swing state of North Carolina. It will also be featured on Fox News in Washington, D.C.
Old Graham "explicitly states how clear the election is and why Joe Biden is likely to unite the country," said RVAT spokeswoman Sarah Longwell. "Joe Biden has the empathy and proven experience to reach across the aisle and work with people" - even Lindsey Graham.
Check out the ad above.
Here are other comments from Graham to Biden in an interview in 2015 in which he beat up Trump:
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