Lindsey Graham’s New Spin On Trump’s COVID-19 Failings Is Too Much For Folks Online

Sen. Lindsey Grahams (R-S.C.) Recent flattery from ex-President Donald Trump was beyond belief for many people on Twitter on Tuesday.
Graham suggested during an appearance on Sean Hannity's Fox News Show that Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic could be viewed in an entirely different way if the laboratory leak theory of the virus's origin (which Trump endorsed last April) holds true.
"If Trump were right about the laboratory leak, it would change the public image of President Trump regarding the coronavirus," Graham told Hannity.
Watch the video here:
Lindsey Graham: If Trump were right about the lab leak, it would change the public image of President Trump regarding the coronavirus
- Acyn (@Acyn) June 9, 2021
Critics disagreed vehemently, bluntly reminding the South Carolina Republican of Trump's catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic, which at one point made him publicly consider injecting disinfectant as a treatment.
For months, Trump routinely downplayed the threat posed by the virus - despite privately admitting that it was "deadly" - and politicized the wearing of masks and other measures to contain its spread.
"The origin of the virus doesn't change the negligence of its response," wrote one commentator. Another said, “Oh, I don't know, it could be a little more important to let a deadly virus rage in the country killing thousands of people.
530,000 people say no
- Tiffany Thiele (@ thielefor55th) June 9, 2021
No It doesn't matter where it started, it was important to deal with, not to ignore and minimize it
- Me - friendliness counts ☮️ (@ myjake30) June 9, 2021
1.5 years later, Linds still thinks the problem is how the car got the flat tire, and not that Trump tried to fix it with tape and a bike pump
- Papa Jokes Panda (@TrashPandaFTW) June 9, 2021
The public has a bad image of Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic because Trump killed 500,000 people through his indifference. The origin of the virus does not bring the dead to life.
- John Aravosis ????? ️‍? (@aravosis) June 9, 2021
How? So if it came from a lab, could we inject bleach into ourselves?
- Tom Graser (@StLawEd) June 9, 2021
Nonsense Lindsey. A laboratory leak would not change how cowardly, selfish, ignorant, callous and dishonest Donald Trump dealt with Covid. A laboratory leak would not bring back the hundreds of thousands of Americans who died from Donald Trump's criminal abuse of the virus.
- Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) June 9, 2021
No it won't. He botched the response, and the origin of the virus doesn't change that.
- Jaxs (@jaxs_talks) June 9, 2021
The origin of the virus does not change the negligence of its reaction.
- Mark Gray (@ rich29uk) June 9, 2021
The former man's reaction to Covid was sabotage, initially until his last day in office.
- ThanksInAdvanceForYourVituperation (@joe_shands) June 9, 2021
It wasn't the origin or the leak of the virus ... it was TFG's LIES to the American people that the virus wouldn't be bad, mocking the wearing of masks or anything to mitigate the disaster and the deaths of nearly 600,000 Americans to cause .
- Daphne_ you Maurier ?? (@McmOne) June 9, 2021
No, Lindsey. It really wouldn't.

He's still a slimy, criminal idiot whose time in the White House has hurt our nation more than anything since the civil war.

And you're still an ass.
- The Real American (@ TheTrueAmerica5) June 9, 2021
Yes, we would think he was right but catastrophically incompetent as opposed to wrong but catastrophically incompetent.

Indeed, when he knew more about the science of its origins than we suspected, why he was so bad at the science of COVID overall, we might wonder.
- Richard Gowan (@ RichardGowan1) June 9, 2021
If it was a lab leak, bleach would definitely have been an effective treatment.
- Paul? (@ pablo_honey1) June 9, 2021
Oh I don't know, letting a deadly virus rampant in the country killing thousands of people could be a little more important
- Robert Swartwood (@RobertSwartwood) June 9, 2021
No it wouldn't. If anything, it would make Trump look even more irresponsible if he downplayed the risk of the virus. It was completely incoherent, after all, to believe that Covid escaped a Chinese laboratory * and * that we shouldn't have to worry about it.
- James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) June 9, 2021
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