Lisa Kudrow Recalls Run-In Where Jerry Seinfeld Told Her 'You're Welcome' for Friends ' Success

Lisa Kudrow recalls a run-in where Jerry Seinfeld said her "You're welcome" for the success of Friends
As Friends was on its way to becoming one of the biggest shows in the world, sitcom co-star Jerry Seinfeld never missed an opportunity to tell Lisa Kudrow that he had a hand in the show's success.
According to Kudrow, she once found herself at the same event with the Seinfeld star, who teased Kudrow about how his show raised Friends' profile.
"I remember I went to a party and Jerry Seinfeld was there and I said 'Hi' and he said 'You're welcome,' said the actress to 'The Daily Beast' ?'"
According to Kudrow, Seinfeld then told her, "You're after us in the summer, and you're welcome."
As luck would have it, the first season of Friends was followed by the Helen Hunt/Paul Reiser sitcom Mad About You. But according to Kudrow, the show really "exploded" in the summer of 1995, after NBC placed reruns of the show's first season after reruns of Seinfeld, which was a certified hit in its sixth season.
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Back at the '90s party, Kudrow kindly replied to Seinfeld, "That's spot on. Thanks."
And even as she takes stock today, the 59-year-old actress still admits that Seinfeld, 68, was right.
"Not to take away from the writing of Friends or the cast or how good Friends really was," she said, "but for the first season our ratings were fine."
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Friends' pop culture longevity, however, is credited to the show, which is still finding new fans almost 30 years after it premiered.
On a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kudrow shared that her 24-year-old son, Julian Murray Stern, finally got around to watching a few episodes of Friends while he was ill with COVID.
Kudrow called the moment "the most exciting" as she recalled her conversation with Meyers, 48.
"He called me and said, 'Well, I just watched the first two episodes. It's really good mom,'" she shared. "I said, 'Thank you.' He said, 'Can I ask you some questions about that?' I say yes!' I almost started crying. I didn't think anyone in my family liked this show."
"He was 5 when we finished ... but he started watching when his friends at school started watching," she continued. "He saw it and was impressed."
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Lisa Kudrow
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Kudrow's only complaint came when her son seemed genuinely surprised as to why the beloved sitcom is doing so well.
"He said, 'It's actually really funny,'" Kudrow said, laughing, quoting her son. "'I mean, the boys are so funny.'"
After pausing for a moment to jokingly frown at Julian's feelings, Kudrow noted that her son acknowledges how funny she was in her role as wacky singer-songwriter Phoebe Buffay.
"He's like, 'No, I mean, you're funny too,'" she said, before joking, "Never in my life have I wanted to say to my own kid, 'F— you!' I mean, I thought so, I didn't say it."
"It doesn't require you to be a fan," she added of her son's relationship to her work. "You don't have to like what I do. But don't be... demeaning!”
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