Listen: 10 Batshit Things Trump Told Rush Limbaugh Today

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh interviewed President Trump on Friday at what Limbaugh called a "virtual rally". During the two-hour back rubbing section, President Lebron followed up on James and Black Lives Matter, blamed Fox News for its campaign failures, and more.
Trump spoke about the forest fires in California and told Rush about "explosive trees" in other countries:
Trump told Limbaugh that the experimental Covid-19 drugs he was given are better than the vaccine, even though there is still no vaccine against the virus. The president also bragged about his work fighting the pandemic, complaining that he didn't get credit for it:
The president then played scientists by claiming that due to his limited experience with therapeutics for Covid-19, he could categorically consider them as cures:
In a rant about how unfair the media was treating him, Trump cried over the way reporters are honored for their work, saying "Pulitzer Prize" seven times in less than 90 seconds:
Trump, who belongs to the presidential liars on Mount Rushmore, claims that a "very smart" friend of his told him he had to be "the most honest man in the world:"
Trump, who was stuck in 2016, whined over Hillary Clinton's emails, demanding that she be detained:
Trump defended his constant hiatus from Joe Biden during the debate, saying that the former Vice President's ghost was "gone" and would eventually have started talking about the "birds and bees" if the President had let him do the talking. Trump also claimed that Biden doesn't know what Social Security is:
Regardless of Trump's hosts' laundry list, Sycophant blamed Fox News for its mistakes so far this election season. Trump said the network is the "big difference" this time around, citing former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who serves on the Fox Corporation board of directors, as the main culprit:
Trump beat up Lebron James and the Black Lives Matter movement and made fun of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for wearing a fitted shirt:
Finally, Trump warned everyone of the impending doom if Biden were to be elected president. "This country is going to hell:"
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