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They are stylish, they are sociable, they cannot make a decision ... they have to be a Libra. Whether you fall in love with, befriend or are one with a Libra, let's talk more about the cardinal air sign of the zodiac.
You see, every zodiac sign has personality qualities and archetypal traits associated with it. Let's dwell on some vibrations that we often associate with Libra - the good, the bad, and the gossip - shall we?
Take a break for a quick disclaimer: Before reading any further, please remember the first astrological commandment: * You shall not have an astro profile * and know that literally every sign can have a personality quality. These are simply the ones most commonly associated with our Libra friends. The way these traits are expressed also varies from person to person.
Libra is the zodiac's air sign ruled by Venus. Thanks to Venus (planet of love, harmony, art and beauty), Libra is excellent at conveying injustices, pleasing and noticing people.
Libras are often referred to as the luxury lounge chairs of the zodiac. The truth? Libra seeks beauty and harmony, but also knows that everyone deserves happiness. It makes sense that Libra should be portrayed as the scales of justice. Libra believes in peace, love and justice for all. I repeat: justice for all. Everyone. No exceptions. Libras are also known for their great social skills and their ability to get in touch with anyone. This is that exuberant combination of Venus and the air element.
Libras ruled by Venus are lovers, not fighters. Unlike the other Venus-ruled sign, Taurus, Libras are just as interested in casual flirting and dating as they are in settling down with a partner. This is thanks to this air element. Air is dynamic; it likes to move and talk. A lot of. Libras are also more social than the typical Taurus, which means that dating a Libra is filled with evenings out on the town meeting new people and eating in the best restaurants. Libras like the finer things in life, and they also have a knack for remembering the names and life stories of everyone they meet. Win a Libra by talking about art, good food and wine, and social justice. The downfall? Libras are known for their indecision. This means you may have to lead the way. Be brave and take the first step, choose the restaurant and take things to the next level. Otherwise, you will stay in the Libra friend zone.
The typical Libra has innumerable acquaintances and few close friends. Once you've really befriended a Libra, you have a friend for life. Their Venusian nature makes them known to be conflict-avoidant. This means that a Libra friendship is a drama-free zone. You may have to be the chaser - call and make hangout plans. While those with strong Libra rankings on their charts avoid drama and conflict in their own lives, they love to watch human drama in all of its forms, which makes them the human watchers of the zodiac. A classic Libra train is to simply find a good bench and sit back with a cup of tea while watching passers-by. You probably know all the latest and greatest gossip, but you are also excellent secret keepers. A word to the wise, they expect you to do the same. Trust, flattery, and good conversation are the way to make a Libra friend for life.
The look, feel, and design of a Libra home are everything. Venus is the planet of sensuality and aesthetics and in Libra this is manifested as excellent taste in home decor. However, they are not known to be the cleanest of zodiac signs, and all of their fine designs are often obscured by a righteous mess. Even so, a Libra can throw a cute dinner party with flowery centerpieces. Their special sociability in Libran gives them the talent to bring people of all walks of life together - so the house of a Libran can serve as a social center. They don't need as much alone time as other signs and prefer to be around their partner or close friends. When working from home, they usually opt for a coffee shop or work space where people can watch and chat with the barista. The art of distraction is the strength of the Libra.
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