Liz Cheney reveals Jim Banks letter identifying himself as chosen Jan. 6 committee ranking member

Rep. Liz Cheney, the top Republican on the House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6 riots in the U.S. Capitol, announced Thursday that Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks had sent letters to federal agencies asking for information and identifies as the original senior member of the committee.
The revelation came as the House of Representatives debated whether Steve Bannon, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, should be criminally despised for ignoring a subpoena from the Special Committee on Congress. As vice chair of the panel, Cheney chaired the debate for those who argued in favor and Banks, who is not on the committee, chaired the debate for those who argued against.
After Banks' opening statement, Cheney reacted by surprise.
"I want to record a series of letters to federal agencies dated September 16, 2021, in which, for example, he signs his name as the senior member of the committee that he just told the House of Representatives, which he is not on," Cheney said.
HOUSE HOLDING STEVE BANNON IN criminal contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena
One of the letters Cheney put on the file and shared with the Washington Examiner showed that Banks said he was not on the committee but signed a "senior member" identification.
In a letter to Home Secretary Deb Haaland, Banks said that House minority leader Kevin McCarthy originally named him a senior member of the House Select Committee.

But the committee's rules allowed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to veto any minority party election and blocked the appointment of Banks and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. That prompted McCarthy to pull his other three picks off the committee.
"It was a shameful and divisive decision with real consequences. As a result of that decision, there is no committee today to conduct a legitimate January 6 investigation," Banks said during his opening address in the House of Representatives on Thursday.
Cheney and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois are the only two Republicans to sit on the special committee on Jan. 6. Both were appointed by Pelosi and were largely shunned by the rest of the Republican conference.
McCarthy then promised that the Republicans would conduct "their own investigation" against January 6th. The letter from Banks and the request for information that the committee received could be part of that effort.
“Under House rules, the minority party in Congress retains the right to the same information that is made available to the majority party. For these reasons, I would ask you to provide me with all the information that will be presented to the select committee. Please also include me in any update or briefing you provide, ”said Banks' letter to Haaland.
The Banks office responded to Cheney's disclosure of the letter by suggesting that it was intended as a distraction.
“The letter clearly states that Rep. Banks has been denied the opportunity to perform its duties as a ranking member. This is a bizarre democratic narrative designed to detract from the actual contents of Rep. Banks' letter and avoid talking about the actual activities of the special committee, which are partisan, authoritarian and untenable, ”a Banks spokesman said in a statement to the Washington auditor.
“To reiterate, the letter asked the minority party to have access to information shared with the special committee. The question any media representative should ask themselves: If this is a legitimate “overboard” investigation, why is it being conducted in secret? Why do Liz Cheney and the House Democrats believe they are the only ones who deserve information from the executive branch? "
Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, another member of the Jan. 6 committee, called Banks' letter "fantasy" and "self-deception."
“He's not a member of the committee. That's a clear fact, ”Raskin told the Hill press pool.
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