Lizzo Wore Her Longest Hair Ever to Announce a Juneteenth Fundraiser

If you spent some time on Instagram on Friday, June 19, you have probably seen many posts about Juneteenth that mark African American emancipation from slavery in Texas in 1865 - two years after the declaration of emancipation was issued. The day has long received overdue attention and the urge to make it a national holiday as part of the rapidly growing racial justice movement in the United States.
Lizzo took part in Juneteeth in true Lizzo form, with a video that is not only informative and philanthropic, but is also undeniably an eye-catcher. In the clip, the Grammy winner sits on a staircase surrounded by red candles. She is naked, her body is only covered by incredibly long, straight hair that reaches one of the lower levels. The look is reminiscent of the legendary cover of her album Cuz I Love You.
But her stunning hairstyle is far from the most important aspect of the video. "Happy Juneteenth, all of you," says Lizzo. "This year we are making June 19th in a big way. Not only are we celebrating a black American holiday, I am also holding a silent auction and a raffle so that we can give something back to black organizations and companies, especially in the twin cities. "
For a donation of at least USD 10 at, you can win a video call with Lizzo, a custom vase in the form of Lizzo's butt, two VIP tickets for an upcoming Lizzo concert (if corona virus precautions allow), a big Grrrl dance lesson with Lizzo, an all-access tour pass, round-trip flight and hotel accommodation.
Can you make a bigger donation? You can also win a Quay sunglasses gift box signed by Lizzo, a Tracee Ellis Ross pattern hair care gift set and face masks with the "Buy Black" brand from Lizzo.
There is also an auction with some amazing offers from Lizzo and her famous friends, including incredible works of art and famous outfits worn by Janelle Monae and Missy Elliott. One of the prizes is even a special edition album cover signed by Cuz I Love You so you can really enjoy Lizzo's long-haired look.
Ready to give something back and get a chance to win? Both the competition and the charity run until July 3rd.
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