London mayor Sadiq Khan defends boarding up Winston Churchill statue ahead of protests

Graffiti on the Winston Churchill statue during the Black Lives Matter protest in Parliament Square (Image: PA)
The Mayor of London defended his decision to climb a Winston Churchill statue ahead of Saturday's protests in the capital.
Sadiq Khan accused Interior Minister Priti Patel of scoring after criticizing him.
She accused the mayor of not opposing the "fight" and called for the release of the former British leader and "national hero".
Prime Minister Boris Johnson added that entering the monument was "absurd and shameful."
Khan said, however, that the decision to protect the statue in Parliament Square - along with the cenotaph and the Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi monuments - was a "wise" precaution.
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After the overthrow of the slave trader Edward Colston's statue in Bristol last weekend, there were fears that the London statues could become a “focus of violence” involving far-right demonstrators.
"She (Patel) needs to see the information that we have seen that the ultimate right intends to come to central London," he told BBC Radio 4 Today.
“One of their justifications for this is to protect these statues, but they also intend to remove statues from people like Nelson Mandela. I think we have taken the wise precaution.
"Instead of trying to make political issues out of it, I hope that the central government will work with the regional government and the police to ensure that it does not result in violence, vandalism, disorder or inadvertent spreading of the virus."
A protective cover surrounds the statue of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square (Image: PA)
London Mayor Sadiq Khan (Image: PA)
His comments came when the police said that Black Lives Matter protesters, who are expected to meet in the capital on Saturday, must disband by 5 p.m. to avoid a repeat of the clashes from last weekend in the capital.
Earlier, Patel said the decision to climb Churchill's statue, which was previously covered in graffiti, was a "sad reflection" about Khan.
“We should liberate Churchill, a hero of our nation who fought fascism and racism in this country and in Europe. He gave us the freedom to live our lives the way we do today, ”she told the Daily Mail.
“We saw the desecration of war monuments, which is completely unacceptable. Now we see a national hero on board
"I think this is a sad reflection on the Mayor of London, because if he had stood up for the right thing, he would have called the minority that was subversive in a peaceful protest, if he had done the fight in the right way, we would I won't see our national hero get on board. "
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