London woman killed in Pakistan by two men who wanted to marry her

Police said Miss Zulfiqar traveled to Pakistan from the UK to attend a wedding but decided to move on - Universal News And Sport
Police are chasing at least four suspects after a young London woman was shot and strangled while visiting Pakistan.
Mayra Zulfiqar was recently threatened with "dire consequences" by two men after she rejected her marriage proposals according to legal documents submitted by her family.
The 26-year-old had told relatives that she feared for her life after refusing to marry either of the two and calling on an uncle to stand up for her.
However, the Middlesex University lawyer who moved from the UK about two months ago was found dead in her apartment in the eastern city of Lahore.
The young woman was found with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, but police said she was also strangled. An autopsy is in progress.
According to a police complaint from her uncle Mohammad Nazeer, Ms. Zulfiqar was threatened by two friends after they tried to force her into marriage.
Mr Nazeer said he intended to speak to the two men to defuse the situation only so that they would then be killed, Dawn newspaper reported.
The couple are accused of breaking into their home in the city's Defense Housing Association neighborhood with two accomplices in the early hours of Monday to kill them.
Supt Sayyed Ali said an unidentified caller informed the police of the murder and that she was found using her cell phone near her body in a pool of blood in her room.
"We confiscated the cell phone for forensic analysis," he said, adding that police were also trying to access footage from nearby CCTV cameras to verify suspects' movements.
Supt Sayyed said they had also contacted the deceased's parents and other family members overseas for details.
Police said Miss Zulfiqar had traveled to Pakistan from the UK to attend a wedding but decided to move on.
"We are also after two suspects and will provide more details at a later date," police said, adding that Miss Zulfiqar's friend, who lived in the same house with her, was unable to support her investigation.
Police said she had not made any arrests and that her parents were to fly to Pakistan.

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