LPBW : Amy Roloff Contemplates Matt's Offer to Buy Her Out from Farm — It 'Was 30 Years of My Life'

After spending three decades of her life on the family farm, Amy Roloff can soon say goodbye to her forever.
On Tuesday's upcoming episode of Little People, Big World, Amy is considering accepting her ex-husband Matt Roloff's offer to buy her entirely from the farm she moved from in early 2020. (Son Zach Roloff announced at the premiere last week that his "mom and dad still own the north side of the property.")
"Matt came up to me this second time to buy myself and this was definitely a better time because now that I'm in my new house there aren't that many gray areas. It's like this this chapter. I didn't have a part in the farm with this chapter. It's changed, "says Amy, 56, tells Cameras.
While Amy is enjoying a meal with her friends, she discusses the possibility of Matt's proposal.
"Now we'll see what this proposal ultimately does. But you know, I'm fine," she says. "I got sad and emotional and fried at the beginning, you know, because I was like, 'Man, this farm has been 30 years of my life.' That's pretty much half my life. "
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When talking about the divorce process and the emotions it creates, one resonates with Amy in particular. "Especially scared because, you know, what do I do now?" she tells her pals. "So much of it was a part of my life is now gone."
As seen during the LPBW season, Amy and Matt, 59, raised their four (now adult) children - twins Jeremy and Zach, both 31, daughter Molly, 27, and son Jacob, 24 - on the farm in Oregon on. The former couple divorced in 2016.
TLC Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff
"Leaving the farm was a difficult process for me. I knew there would be some big changes after the divorce. But it was a lot harder than I thought," Amy tells the cameras.
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But now that she lives on the farm and settles in her own room with her fiancé Chris Marek, Amy seems more open to the offer.
"Now that I'm in my own place and not on the farm, I think it was easier to make the buyout decision because I don't have that much emotion," she says.
Ultimately, "I just really want to make sure that I'm making the right decision for myself and that I'll be happy about it in the end."
Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays (9:00 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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