Lucy Liu reveals Bill Murray threw 'inexcusable and unacceptable' insults at her on 'Charlie's Angels' set

Lucy Liu talked about the time she stood up against Bill Murray after he picked her on the set of Charlie's Angels.

The Clash: Liu, 52, recently interviewed the Los Angeles Times ’Asian Enough podcast and revealed that Murray insulted her while filming, EW reported.

Liu explained that while she couldn't reveal too much, the cast and crew had reworked a scene to make it more "fluid". Murray was absent from set that day because of a family reunion he had to attend.
She was not part of the recast as she was the last actor to be cast and had "the least privilege" at the time.
While they were filming, Liu said Murray started "hurling insults" and felt like they were aimed at her. When she asked if he was talking to her, it turned into a one-on-one conversation.
"If you confront me, I'll attack, and that's exactly what happened because it was unfair and inappropriate," Liu said. "Some of the language [used] was inexcusable and unacceptable and I didn't want to just sit there and take it."

The Consequences: Liu said she did not regret standing up for herself because "no matter how low you are on the totem pole, there is no reason to put people down or put them down."

She received a lot of support from her team. Years later, crew members told her that they witnessed the incident and were "really grateful" that she stood up for herself.
Although Liu said she had nothing against Murray, who was "perfectly nice" to her at an SNL reunion, she would not allow herself to be attacked.
A tweet about the altercation went viral on July 9th. A former production assistant commented on the post and went into detail about what happened.

Twitter Reactions: Liu's fans defended her in the comments by sharing gifs and stating that she was "the best part" of the movie.

"Bill Murray singles Lucy as the only black woman in the cast, denouncing her acting skills, thinking he's 'big leagues' ... racist and delusional. lol, "commented one user.
One user wrote that he knew: "Bill didn't open his mouth and talk about O-Ren Ishii like that."
“Who is Bill Murray anyway? We only know Lucy Liu in this house, ”said another fan.

Selected image via movie clips (left) and @billmurraypics (right)
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