Ludacris Has Mercedes-Benz Stolen at ATM in Atlanta

Image via Getty / Prince Williams / Wireimage
Ludacris got his week off to a bad start when his car was stolen while trying to quickly stop at the ATM, the local NBC affiliate reports.
Atlanta police say they were stopped by the rapper around 4:40 p.m. ET on Monday. Luda informed the authorities that he stopped at the ATM and let his car run. This turned out to be a fateful mistake, as the robber could easily access the 2 Fast 2 Furious actor's black Mercedes-Benz.
Luda admitted to the police that he only heard his car race behind him and did not see the perpetrator's face. However, officers were able to electronically track the car to a location in northwest Atlanta. Police found Ludacris's property at the address, but the car had been moved. Investigators continued to track the car until it was found on a parking deck in Midtown. The Benz wasn't occupied when it was found, and it returned to the rapper turned actor.
Police did not reveal where Ludacris' car was originally stolen. No arrests or anyone of interest in relation to the incident were reported. According to the Atlanta authorities, 99 cars were stolen in the first week of January. Like Ludacris, most of these cars were run with the keys in them.
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