Madison Prewett Says She "Cried" After Barb's Comments on 'The Bachelor'

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By Cosmopolitan
Madison Prewett says she "cried" and was "very upset" after she was attacked by Peter Weber's mother Barb during her undergraduate studies.
Reminder: Barb said about Peter and Madi's relationship: "He won't have to succeed."
Do you remember when Madison Prewett and Peter Weber debuted their relationship in The Bachelor After the Final Rose and totally ruined Peter's mother Barb Madison on live TV? It was ... rough. And apparently Madison was pretty upset about it.
While speaking to Chris Harrison on Monday night, Madison tried to give the impression that she had no problem with Barb and said, "As for Barb, there is absolutely no hard feelings there. She is a great mother and she has just done her job as a mother to protect her son the way she thought it should. So I wish them all the best. "
But then Chris Harrison called her and said, "I am proud of you for saying that, but there is no chance that there will be no hard feelings." Madison asked me to reveal I'm in such a good place right now. But after the show, I cried. "
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Madi also talked a bit about Peter's relationship with former undergraduate candidate Kelley Flanagan and said, "Kelley and I were very close to the show. Obviously I loved Peter and I'm glad that he found someone he was for Best holds. " Version of himself with, and that his family loves and supports. "
It's called maturity, I think!
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