Make the Most of Your Retirement with These Top-Ranked Mutual Funds - October 07, 2020

Our Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds list features some of the best-managed, best-performing funds. If you've already invested in them, congratulations! But if you're just discovering them, don't worry. When it comes to your retirement, it's never too late to invest in the best.
How can you tell a good investment fund from a bad one? It's pretty simple: if the fund is diversified, has low fees, and is performing well, then it's a keeper. Of course there is a wide range, but with our Zacks rank we have found three mutual funds that could be an excellent addition to the portfolio of investors with long-term retirement provision.
Let's break down some of the highest Zacks ranked mutual funds and lowest fees.
Matthews Asia Innovators Institutional (MITEX): Expense ratio of 1.05% and management fee of 0.66%. MITEX is part of the Sector - Tech mutual fund category, which invests in technology and allows investors to participate in a notoriously volatile sector, but with a much more diversified approach. MITEX has achieved a five year return of an astounding 12.54%.
Janus Henderson Forty I (JCAPX). Expense ratio: 0.76%. Management fee: 0.63%. JCAPX is a large cap growth option. These mutual funds buy shares in many large US companies that are expected to perform and grow faster than other large-cap stocks. This fund has returned a robust 16.21% over the past five years.
Fidelity Growth Strategies Fund K (FAGKX): Expense ratio 0.52% and management fee 0.35%. FAGKX is an all cap growth investment fund. In order to increase diversification, these funds hold stocks at small, medium and large-cap levels. With an annual return of 10.11% for five years, this fund is a well diversified fund with a long track record.
There you have it. If your financial advisor let you put your money in one of our Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds, you are covered. If not, you may need to speak.
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