Makeup artist explains simple makeup tips for mature skin

It's possible to achieve gorgeous, gorgeous makeup at any age, and thankfully, there are plenty of talented experts who will willingly share their top tips with the world.
Take makeup artist and beauty influencer Lauren Hale, for example. She has dedicated her social media platforms to highlighting her go-to makeup techniques for mature skin.
The mom of three is passionate about helping women love themselves and become more confident.
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Good Morning America tapped Hale to demonstrate some of her anti-aging tips.
"I'm going to show you some simple changes to your makeup that will give you a more youthful look," Hale said.
Tip #1: Use cream-based concealer to hide wrinkles
Hale recommends that you use cream makeup after the age of 40 as it absorbs into the skin rather than staying on the top layer like foundation. "As we get older, less is more," she said.
She also advises stopping applying concealer in the shape of an upside-down triangle under your eyes, as it accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. "We definitely don't want to do this past 40," Hale added.
Tip #2: Use a dense brush to apply eyeshadow
"We have a lot of mobile skin on our lid area," Hale said. "So when we go in and go back and forth in that kind of motion, you're actually pulling that loose skin on your eye and you're fighting it."
Her tip is to pull down as you apply so you get a smoother application and don't fight against the creases like you would when applying left and right. She also suggests using a dense-bristle makeup brush for a nice smooth application.
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Tip #3: Place the contour higher on the face to lift the cheekbones
With age, a facial contour gives the face a natural shade. "If we put it too low on our face, we look even older — we just let our face sink lower," Hale said.
To avoid this, Hale said it's best to place your contour higher on your cheekbones, since fullness in the face is lost with age. Hale added, "This will give you an instant cheek lift.
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For more of Hale's makeup tips for mature skin, you can follow her at Laurenlhale on Instagram and TikTok.
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