Malta Will Pay Foreign Tourists to Visit This Summer

What could be nicer than vacationing in an idyllic archipelago in the Mediterranean? Answer: Take a vacation to an idyllic Mediterranean archipelago and get paid for it. Locations whose economies are heavily dependent on tourism are looking for opportunities to relax this year. In one case, the answer is simple: give people a financial incentive to spend their money.

The nation doing this is Malta - which has many attractions even before the "go there, get paid" element is considered.

A new article by Sean O'Neill at Skift explains how the deal will work. Foreign travelers can earn up to € 200 when they book a stay of three nights or more at a hotel in Malta. (Tourists must book their stay with the hotel directly.) The amount travelers receive depends on the class of hotel they are staying in. The money returned to the travelers is issued by the Maltese Tourism Board and the hotel.

For visitors who stay overnight on the island of Gozo, a slightly higher amount is offered to sweeten the offer. A total of 35,000 travelers should benefit from it.

Malta expects the majority of its COVID-19 regulations to be lifted by June 1st. According to O'Neill's article, tourism "directly and indirectly accounts for more than 27% of the Maltese economy" - which explains why such dramatic measures have been taken. It's not hard to see the appeal of it. Before you book anything, however, you should probably check to see if there are currently any travel restrictions in place.
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