Man accidentally stabs 11-year-old while trying to scare him in haunted house

An actor at a haunted fair in Ohio stabbed an 11-year-old boy in the foot while trying to scare him.
A worker at the popular 7 Floors of Hell attraction tried to scare the kid while holding a real Bowie knife and slapping his foot while stabbing the ground next to the boy, a police report said.
The knife pierced the child's crocodile shoes and cut open his big toe.
“He was walking up to my son and he was holding the knife and his intention was to scare him, but my son replied by saying, 'This is a fake. I'm not scared ‘” said the stabbed boy's mother, Karen Bednarski. "I am very upset."
The 22-year-old Christopher Pogozelski was identified as the responsible employee, News 5 Cleveland reported.
Rodney Geffert, president of Night Scream Entertainment, who owns the 7 Floors of Hell attraction, insists the incident was random. “I guess he got a little close. It was a complete accident and stabbed the boy's toe, ”said Geffert.
Bednarski says she felt like the incident was being wiped off by the 7 Floors of Hell staff.
"You always said accidents happen, accidents happen," said Bednarski. She also said the staff initially refused to give her son first aid. "They told me they weren't certified in first aid," she said.
The police confiscated the knife from Pogozelski, who said he had brought the weapon from home and confessed that "using the knife was not a good idea".
According to Geffert, employees are not allowed to touch customers and are only allowed to use the rubber prop knife provided by his company.
“The police took the knife and I made it clear to them that you weren't going to go to your vehicle and get something like that out. We just don't do that, ”explained Geffert.
A subpoena was sent to Pogozelski after Bednarski decided to bring charges against the incident.
Lt. Tom Walker of the Berea Police Department confirmed that Pogozelski was charged.
“The biggest thing for me is that I don't understand this man's state of mind,” said Bednarski. “There is something wrong with him and he shouldn't be working in such an institution. That makes me angry."
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Original Location: A man accidentally stabs an 11-year-old while trying to scare him in a haunted house

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