Man Arrested After Shooting At Car Thieves

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Evan Wexler, CEO of Meat Innovations Inc. and Steakhouse Elite COO, made a splash in Fort Lee, New Jersey after car thieves tapped his exotic and luxurious auto collection for the 18th time in the past two years. The man was woken up in the middle of the night on March 25, 2020 to see the would-be thieves outside at work. Before storming out of his villa naked, he grabbed a loaded AR-15. He confronted the men who had broken into his Mercedes G-Wagon and started, apparently to open the security gates for access to his Lamborghinis, McLarens and Ferraris.
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Wexler fired a warning shot as the thieves started his luxury SUV and drove forward, a move that worked as they stopped the vehicle, got out and fled. However, when police arrived, Wexler said they were more concerned about him firing a round in the air than tracking down the would-be thieves.
Since Wexler says he has called the police 25 times since August 2019 to try his car collection, but thieves have only been caught once, the man is understandably frustrated. But his action earned him allegations of grievous bodily harm and possession of weapons for unlawful purposes. The New York Post reported that the man "reluctantly" made a deal in which he pleaded guilty to possession of a deadly weapon so that the authorities would drop the matter.
According to Wexler, the police don't seem particularly interested in helping him solve the problem of the thieves who are constantly attacking him. Instead, he had to sell all of his weapons and served two years on probation, for which he was given a travel permit.
Last August, thieves managed to steal Wexler's Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, which is worth over half a million dollars. When the supercar was found in a house in Newark a week later, it was damaged for $ 80,000.
Although one of the Fort Lee police officers admits there is an ongoing problem with attempted car theft on Wexler's property, they have only stepped up patrols in "affected areas." The officials also remind residents to lock their car doors. According to Wexler, people sneak into his property about every two weeks and try to hijack his vehicles. He has invested heavily in security measures, but feels vulnerable if one of the thieves decides to break into his home as he has no weapons to protect himself.
Source: New York Post
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