Man calls out girlfriend over her ‘ridiculous’ household decoration: ‘I don’t feel at home’

A friend doesn't feel at home with his girlfriend because she has chosen a decor.
He went on to Reddit's "Am I the A ******" to discuss the matter. After moving in with his girlfriend, she did not allow him to display any artwork. Then things escalated through a mystery.
"My girlfriend and I have been together for four years and have been living together for a year," said the user. “I moved in with her. It's flawless all the time. And every single work of art on the walls is important to her. I get it. But since I've moved from my apartment to the attic all my life, I haven't been allowed to hang a single work of art. Or anything, anywhere. It's a constant struggle and I don't feel at home here almost a year later. "
One day the friend brought home a Vegemite puzzle.
"I come home and notice that there is a framed puzzle (a glass of Vegemite, of all things) on the table," the friend explained. "I ask" what is it? "It's a gift from a friend, she says. I say," Great. You don't hang this up. "Cue a huge fight where I basically tell her this is not my house at all, it's her house and i'm just a guest. A guest who pays rent. There's not a single damn thing in this house that represents or reflects me, and that's how you like it. And your friend can't hang anything in this house until I do, end of story. "
Reddit users haven't fully understood why the girlfriend is doing this.
"She's absolutely ridiculous," wrote one user.
"There is no way he should apologize," commented another.
"It should be a place for both of you, not just her!" someone said.
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