Man charged with murder after shooting woman and her boyfriend over dog poo dispute

Isabella Thallas, 21, was fatally shot in Denver, Colorado: Facebook
A man was charged with murder and attempted murder for shooting a couple who led their dog to the bathroom outside his Colorado home.
Michael R Close, 36, is said to have been fatally shot by Isabella Thallas, 21, and seriously injured her boyfriend Darian Simon on June 10 after the prosecution announced a verbal exchange about her dog's bowel movements.
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Mr Simon told the police that he had ordered his dog to go to the bathroom when "someone yelled at him through the ground floor apartment and asked if the victim would train the dog or just yell at it," said a police officer in Denver cause statement.
"Both victims had separated from Mr. Close and were looking after their dog when it was alleged that Mr. Close started shooting," said a statement from the Denver District Attorney's Office, Beth McCann.
Michael R Close (Denver Attorney General)
Ms. Thallas, who had just celebrated her 21st birthday, died of a gunshot wound while Mr. Simon was shot twice and recovered in the hospital.
The dog was unharmed.
"This will be my first day when I don't need a blood transfusion of all the blood that I'm still losing from the smaller gunshot wound in my hip / back / flank area," Simon said in a Facebook post.
"Apart from the physically traumatic wounds that I have experienced, I am still very sad to have lost my quarantine partner, best friend and lover."
The couple had been walking near Coors Field, Denver, Colorado, when they heard screams from the nearby ground floor apartment.
Mr. Simon said he tried to ignore the screaming until he saw the weapon he initially thought was a pellet gun before he heard the shots.
"In summary, the suspect got into a verbal argument with the victims, which related to the victims who told the dog to poop," the police said the probable cause. "The suspect then shot the victims out of his apartment."
The specific charges against Mr. Close included two first-degree murder cases, two first-degree criminal attempted murders, two first-degree assault cases, and six cases of use of a large-capacity prohibited magazine while committing a crime, three cases of possession a large-capacity prohibited magazine, one case of disorderly behavior, and four cases of a violent crime.
Ms. Thalles was put to rest on Wednesday.

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