Man enrages girlfriend with ‘insensitive’ post-breakup vacation: ‘A lot of unnecessary drama’

A man took a new friend on a vacation he had planned with his ex. Now his ex is upset.
He asked Reddit's "Relationship Advice" forum for help in resolving the issue. His ex-girlfriend left him two months before their planned trip. Afraid of losing the non-refundable deposits, he took an old friend with him on vacation. But his ex-girlfriend thinks he's insensitive.
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"My ex-girlfriend and I were together for almost 3 years," he explained. “She has always dreamed of going on vacation to a country she loves, so for our 3 year anniversary I wanted to surprise her with this vacation. But she broke up with me about 2 months before the trip because according to her we were no longer training as a couple. It was really hard for me, but I couldn't do anything but respect her decision. So I accepted the breakup and moved on with my life.
In the end, the split was pretty amicable. But I still paid for the trip I wanted to take with her. My first plan was to get it refunded but I would lose almost half of what I paid for because most of the planned activities were non-refundable. About a month after the breakup, I reconnected with an old FWB and we hit it off. We started talking more and spending more time together, but kept things very casual.
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I was still stuck on the trip I booked and instead of losing half my money I decided to ask my girlfriend if she wanted to take this trip with me and she agreed. We ended up doing the trip and we had a great time. I haven't really told anyone about the trip or posted anything online. My girlfriend posted a few things on her social media and my ex found out I took the trip with my girlfriend.
When we got back from the trip I got a call from my ex girlfriend saying that I hurt her feelings because I did something she always wanted with another woman and we had to do the trip as friends be able. I just told her we weren't together anymore and that I didn't owe her that and moved on. I was later yelled at by our mutual friend for being an insensitive Ah and not taking her feelings into account. I feel like this is a lot of unnecessary drama for no reason. I don't want these friendships of the last few years to be broken because of my breakup. What is the best way to deal with the situation here?”
People found his ex-girlfriend a bit ridiculous.
"Take me on a trip (for which you paid) as friends after I dump you is wild," said one user.
"The mental gymnastics is real here," commented another.
"She can't play on either side of that fence post. Let them be salty," wrote one TikToker.
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