Man Finally Buys His Dream Muscle Car

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Then an accident threatened to decimate the dream...
As a teenager, Dwayne Christoffels saved his money to the point where he could afford what he thought was the coolest car: an Oldsmobile 442. However, his father felt the car was too powerful and too fast for a new driver, so Christoffels couldn't to buy. Never forgetting what was almost his, he yearned for American muscle cars well into his retirement years, when he finally bought one. Then an accident turned his dream into a living nightmare.
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It was Christoffels' wife who originally found this vehicle in Mesa, Arizona. This is a supportive wife who took her time to look for the muscle car she knew her husband would enjoy. We hope she's also a fan of American muscle, but even if she's not, she's an amazing woman.
Although it wasn't the color Christoffels wanted, he bought the car anyway. It was loaded onto a truck and taken to his friend's shop in Florida to be repainted. Along the way, the trailer rolled and crushed the Olds.
Most people would throw in the towel and conclude that the accident was some kind of sign. Christoffels did exactly the opposite and had his friend restore the whole thing instead of just painting it. The results are absolutely stunning. Take this ride to any show or meetup across the country and you'll get more than a ton of looks.
The Sioux Falls, South Dakota man recently received the muscle car at his home while a local film crew was there to capture the moment and interview him. All of this goes to show, despite the claims of some ignorant media outlets, that America's love affair with the automobile is far from a passing fad and is instead alive and well.
Never give up on your dreams, children. It may take longer than you would like, but if you are determined enough, you can achieve all sorts of things. That includes owning a gorgeous Oldsmobile 442 when you're a lot older than the dad who stopped you from buying one in the first place.
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