Man ‘loses it’ over fiancée’s secret financial decision: ‘She had no right’

A man is angry with his current fiancée for selling his late fiancée's engagement ring.
His former fiancée died in 2016 before they got married, and he kept her engagement rings as a token. Now his new fiancée has sold the rings without his permission. He consulted Reddit's "Am I the A ******" forum to see if his feelings were justified.
"I lost my late fiancée in 2016 to a serious infection (sepsis)," he wrote. “I proposed to her when she was sick, and we planned to get married four months after the proposal. But she died and it was unexpected as her health improved. After ten hours of life support, she died on March 7, 2016 at 1 p.m. and was laid to rest with her funeral on Saturday. It was so hard for me and I had a hard time dealing with it. The pain was unbearable, there was literally nowhere to just hide and forget what had happened. It's been four years, I'm moving on now. "
He and his current fiancée have been together for 16 months.
"I kept my and my late fiancée's engagement rings and let their family keep most of their belongings before I moved," he said. “I have the rings with some photos and things we bought together. My fiancée noticed the rings and said I was weird because I still kept engagement rings. I don't know why she would think that it's not like I'm wearing my previous engagement ring on my finger or something. But she found it uncomfortable that I kept it as a souvenir. I've been struggling with money lately and she's started selling these rings a couple of times but I just told her I was going to work something out as she would get sensitive if I told her she was are so important to me, she would respond to them. "
Then his late fiancée's rings were lost.
"She [new fiancée] told me she was selling them on Facebook for X money and buying essentials for the apartment to help with a thing or two," he continued. "I lost it, I told her she has no right to take personal items and sell them online so she can get comfortable and think she's helping. She knocked out saying that she didn't expect me to blow up like that and tried to justify her behavior by saying that I clearly still have feelings for my late fiancé and asking why I got the engagement ring my late fiancé should still keep if I already have a fiancée. I told her that she would never understand how much she hurt and disregarded me. "
Reddit felt that the new fiancé was showing some red flags.
"This would be a deal breaker for me," commented one user.
“She stole something that was incredibly meaningful to you personally. I would file a police report and part with her, ”wrote another.
"Leave her. She's not mature enough to be married," someone said.
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